Go with Trend of Parisian Fashion

The Fashion & Beauty world is one of the most irresistible and intense field with customers and consumers from all walks of life. To add to this, the Internet provides ease of access to various fashion trends and styles from all over the world. Fashion has become International and people are ready to try every kind of fashion style that they come across. Moreover, it is ever-changing, dynamic and never boring. But one of the most popular and timeless fashion styles is the Parisian Fashion style and it never goes out of style.

If you are also one of the fans of the Parisian fashion trends and want to that classy Parisian look, understanding where it comes from is important. Parisian Fashion style is basically the fashion trend followed in France by French women and designers. And since Paris is the fashion capital (apart from being the official one), people started referring to it as the “Parisian” Fashion Style.

If you’re looking to incorporate some Parisian style in your wardrobe, read on to know how you can achieve this simple yet classy look.

Classic Look of Parisian Fashion

Go with Trend of Parisian Fashion

First and foremost thing to remember while trying to style like a French girl is being casual. But casual doesn’t mean dirty. Everything you wear should be neat. Parisian fashion designers believe in simplicity and therefore try to keep the look minimal. You don’t have to wear a lot of layers or jewellery to achieve this look. Even a simple t-shirt and tailored pants can make you look like a Parisian model.

One of the good things about minimalism clothing is that you don’t have to hoard clothes into wardrobe; what you will need is to buy clothes that can be styled for more than one look. For example, a black t-shirt can be worn with blue jeans, a denim skirt as well as white trousers.

Neutrality and Natural are the points to observe while you’re looking up any of the Parisian fashion influencers. Notice how they always wear neutral colours like black, navy, white, brown, olive etc.? These colours represent class and you can never go overboard with them. These colours also tend to mix and match with almost every other colour in the palette and you will never have to feel like “you don’t have anything to wear”.

Accessories are vital to every style and French are also not behind. Although they believe in keeping it minimal, they understand the importance of accessories as well. Just like everything else, their accessorising mostly consists of a bag and belt in very basic and neutral colours like tan, brown, black, white, etc. In case you are not able to understand, go and take a look at one of the websites of the Parisian Fashion Brands and you will know what we mean by basic.

Footwear and Makeup Parisian Fashion

Go with Trend of Parisian Fashion

When it comes to footwear, always keep your comfort in mind. You will never see French girls or Parisian fashion designers wear high heels or funky shoes. But this also doesn’t mean you have should wear sports shoes as well. What you can do is wear loafers, oxfords, fashion sneakers and mules. If you’re feeling fancy, you can always buy these in leather, with embellishments or velvet. The key is feeling comfortable which will help in bringing out confidence.

This idea comes from the fact that French women are always on the go and never just lurking around. But they always manage to look sophisticated and that is why Parisian fashion trend is one which can be worn to parties and at the same time to a meeting. Hence, timeless.

Let’s talk about makeup when dressing up like a Parisian. Just like the outfit, Parisian makeup also tends to be on the natural side. That doesn’t mean you can’t wing your eyeliner. But don’t overdo it with the eyeshadow and contouring. Only a blush and mascara can go a long way in complementing your laidback yet chick Parisian outfit.

The way your clothes fit you can speak volumes about your personality and so, Parisian fashion designers always advice to get your clothes tailored according to your body type. But don’t forget that your tailoring means being perfect, and in Parisian fashion trend, perfect means neither too baggy nor skinny. It should be tight in the right areas and loose where comfort is needed.

Another key point that was also noticeable in Parisian fashion 2020 trends is that French stylists always cinch their waist. Whether it’s a cashmere sweater or a trench coat, they are always belted around the waist. Even high waist jeans and pants are always fitted around the waist. This helps accentuate the figure and gives an elegant look.

Fashion Trend in Parisian Lifestyle

Go with Trend of Parisian Fashion

Lace is also an important part of the Parisian fashion trend. Lace can be dressed up for an evening or dressed down for a brunch and yet doesn’t lose its sexy element. And at the same time, it looks effortless.

You will always a French girl with a jacket but this jacket will never be worn in a traditional way with her arms in the sleeves rather will be draped over their shoulders. It looks cool while keeping you warm and is a very unique way to layer up.

Now that you’ve learnt all about the Parisian Fashion Style, here is a list of Parisian fashion brands to help you understand their styling better, some of which you must be already familiar with like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Armor-Lux, Hermés, Givenchy, Dior, Yves Saint Laurent and many others. Also, check out the pictures from the Parisian Fashion 2020 Week to get inspired to dress up like a French girl.

However, if you need more inspiration you can also look up some Parisian fashion influencers and even try some of the looks they have pulled off.  Remember to be confident in your comfort and don’t try to hard to pull this off. Because if you do, it will be noticeable. French or as we call it Parisian fashion is all about keeping it simple and basic yet look sophisticated, classy and elegant while being casual.

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