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Remember when ordering food was not a luxury? All you needed to do was to tap on your phone screen a few times, and wait for 30-45 minutes; your food would arrive at your doorstep, freshly-prepared and properly packed! In times when Swiggy and Zomato had begun dominating the home delivery field, the COVID-19 outbreak brought distress to every one involved, be it the restaurant, delivery person, delivery service, or the one ordering. This quarantine has come down hard on all of us, especially those who relied on these delivery services for their daily meals. However, there’s no need to fear. We have a magic wand right at home, and this is called the One-Pot Meal!

One Pot Meals are the boon we never knew we needed. In these times of lockdown, with only limited supplies available at home, these One-Pot Meals offer an easy way out. An added advantage- they provide wholesome nutrition as well!

While we’re all stuck at home with a limited variety of food options, one pot meals are the key to provide wholesome nutrition while cooking in a single pot, even a slow cooker. Thus, here are some fun, easy ideas to prepare One Pot Meals when you’re craving for something delicious, yet easy. These recipes provide us an opportunity to enjoy a meal in a single pot, with maximum flavour and nutrition paired with minimum clean-up. You don’t even need to worry about the sides- the main course contains all the nutrition that you need!

Recipes on Indian Cuisine

1. Sambar Sadam Recipe

Sambar Sadam is a simple Sambar-Rice recipe, a firm-favourite for those who enjoy the tangy tamarind and spicy tadka of south Indian food. The nutritional advantages to this dish include proteins from Dal and a gluten-free preparation. Sambar Sadam is light on the stomach, since it is to be cooked with rice.

2. Rajma Pulao

This meal is perfect due to its combination of Rajma and Rice, a must-have especially in North Indian households. Rajma Pulao doesn’t pose any storage issues, and is full of nutrients because of the kidney beans and rice. This meal is quite filling.

3. Coconut Rice

Coconut Rice is a simple dish that can be cooked in the pressure cooker, and works its charm if eaten with a bowl of yogurt on the side. This easy-to-prepare dish takes you all the way to South India with its fresh coconut flavour.

4. Extra Spicy Veggie Fried Rice

The image of One pot meal

If you’re craving for something spicy, this dish is the perfect pick. All you need is some rice and all your leftover veggies, put them in a pot and you’re good to go! You can add all the spices that you love, and a spectacular spicy dish will be obtained. This variation of the all-time-favourite fried rice is best enjoyed with some curd/yoghurt on the side.

5. Quinoa Veggie Pulao

Quinoa Veggie Pulao is a delectable dish, especially for those health-conscious people who are finding trouble in eating healthy due to self-quarantine. Quinoa has become a favourite since it is a gluten-free grain, and combining it with some rice and condiments gives us the perfect, nutritional dish to enjoy,

Recipes on Western Cuisine

1. One Pot Creamy Pesto Chicken Pasta

This variant of pasta, a favourite amongst children, takes 25 minutes to cook. While the chicken is nutritious in itself, healthy vegetables like spinach and tomatoes are optional but do wonders to the flavour of the pasta. Everything cooks in one pot, and this recipe works for all types of pasta, be it penne, bowties or rotini.

2. Creamy Salsa Chicken Skillet

Salsa is one ingredient that can add flavour to any dish- and this works to the advantage of the Creamy Salsa Chicken Skillet. Just combine some chicken, salsa, and condiments like cumin, chilli powder, garlic powder and so on in a hot skillet. Enjoy this brilliant recipe in the short time period of 30 minutes!

3. Smoky Potato Chickpea Stew

This plant-based recipe is a must-try for those trying to cut back on carbs and eat healthier this quarantine. A nice piece of crusty bread can be a wonderful side to enjoy with this stew. One advantage of this dish is that it can be easily frozen and stored whenever you need, so there’s no fear of it rotting away! Smoky Potato Chickpea Stew takes a total of 1 hour 10 minutes to be completely ready for you to relish.

4. Will It Skillet? Mac and Cheese

The image of One pot meal
The image of One pot meal

This Mac and Cheese variant requires only seven ingredients to be made deliciously, and has a total cooking time of 20 minutes! All you need to do is add some macaroni, butter, evaporated milk, cayenne, cheese and some mustard and pepper- and your hot and piping Mac and Cheese is ready! This dish can especially be made for children, and can easily be refrigerated in a covered container to be eaten later.

5. Ultimate Southwest Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs are what most of us turn to when we need something easy to make which is also filling. However, this variant of scrambled eggs can either be made into a breakfast burrito, or topped off with tortilla chips! The total cooking time is 25 minutes, and although the recipe originally does not advocate adding meat, you can add it if you wish. This dish acts as the perfect breakfast, with a slight edge!

Entering into a kitchen full of the same ingredients might make you frown, but turn your frown upside down, for these one pot meals are here to save you! All you need is a skillet or slow cooker, and you can cook not only easy, but wholesome nutritional dishes for you to enjoy with your family! If you wish, save some of it for later. These One pot Meal Ideas not only line your dinner table with the best food options, but also offer some things for each person to enjoy, while eating healthy!

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