Explore the Windows 10 Widgets in 2020

Top 10 Desktop Widgets in Windows 10

October 25, 2020 societymutter 0

Windows operating systems have been gaining a lot of traction due to their widget feature. This article discusses the best Windows 10 desktop widgets and how they help in personalization of our PCs

discovery of america has been the best and most interesting history

History of Discovery of America before Columbus

October 10, 2020 societymutter 2

When it comes to America, it is difficult to record a conclusive history, because, of the place being a home of different, and diverse cultures, and peoples. Hence, the discovery of America has always been very interesting and intriguing.

Theme Party Ideas - You Need to Explore

Top 15 Theme Party Ideas in 2020

October 5, 2020 societymutter 1

In these stifling and uncertain times, when there is not much scope for celebration, how can we even think of Theme party idea? If there is no reason to have a party, why should there be one?