Preppy Style - The Fashion

The preppy style fashion or as sometimes spelt “preppie” or just “prep” comes from a subculture in the United States which often represented an upper-class upbringing. The preppy style fashion is popular and is an all-time classic. It’s comfortable, girly as well as sophisticated and can never go wrong. There is only a slight difference between the classic American fashion style and the preppy style fashion.

This thin line is bold prints and a pop of colour. In contrast to the Boho style, which is based on earthy colours and flowy silhouettes, the preppy style features structured and fitted silhouettes with bold and solid colours. This article is going to help you in achieving this super easy and affordable yet classy look.

Let’s look at how can you achieve the preppy style.

Your Tops and Blouses should be Feminine

Preppy Style - The Fashion

This is most probably the easiest way to look like preppy style women. You must already be having some of this in your wardrobe. Now, all that is left to do is ditch that same old jeans or trouser and take out that pencil skirt and tuck in your blouse. This blouse should not be too tight to not let you breathe and also not overly loose to not be eligible to get tucked inside your skirt. You can look for as many colours you want from bright yellow to a dull pink. These can even have ruffles on them but overly drilled blouses are a big no-no!

Another point to note is that such blouses can also be dressed under blazers and still won’t make you look like a drag. In case you want to add a shirt, look for one that has aligned buttons so that you can unbutton it for fun and casual outings and a button-up for professional meetings.

Skip the High Heel Pumps

Preppy Style - The Fashion

You don’t have to be uncomfortable while being perfectly stylish when you want to rock a preppy style. So, skip the pumps with all means and just hop into a pair of Mary Jane heels. These are not too high and have an ankle support for your feet. Also, if you’re not a heels person and need a little more comfort, you can also dress up like a preppy style girl by wearing a Mary Jane with wedge heels. Still need more comfort? Just hop into those ballet flats sitting in your wardrobe and you’ll be good to go. They are versatile and look girly as well as sophisticated with the utmost comfort but can wear out really fast.

If you’re looking for something less girly, you can also dress up with penny loafers. They are just as comfortable but less feminine.

Dress up with Sheaths

Preppy Style - The Fashion

Sheath dresses are an absolute favourite when it comes to the preppy style women. Comfortable, sassy, and airy, they are versatile and can be worn to office events, interviews, lunch and dinner, got dates and even parties. You can also pick any of your favourite prints when looking for a sheath dress. And in case you want to tone down the prompt, add a solid and neutral coloured blazer in the mix.

To make sheath dresses feminine, add a long necklace or a set of pearl earrings with Mary Jane heels. As for the length, look for those dresses which hit right above or at the knee. These are not too short to be inappropriate for professional events but not too long for casual outings.

Skirts, Skirts, Skirts!

Preppy Style - The Fashion

You can never go wrong with your collection skirts when dressing up like a preppy style girl. No matter what kind of skirts you prefer, a preppy style fashion look can be done with A-line, flared, skater or even pencil skirts. You are also free to play with various colours and patterns when dressing up like a preppy style women.

To match these skirts, you can wear a camisole with a contrasting colour or a matching colour, totally your choice. In case it’s a little chilly, you can add a cute cardigan over your cami. Remember to tuck in the cami for an even structured silhouette. And as mentioned above, you can also dress up a button-down shirt tucked into your skirt for a feminine touch. For a winter look, just add a pair of fairly good pair of tights, either black or coloured, doesn’t matter.

Coats, Patterned Cardinals and Thin Sweaters

Preppy Style - The Fashion

For a preppy style fashion winter look, just add your favourite coat over your outfit. You don’t need to own dozens of coats, just one of two solid coloured coats will do wonders. You can be wearing layers of woollens inside your coat with a thick pair of skinny trousers but a coat can make you look polished and chick. Add ankle-length boots over your pants and you’ll be ready to look like a preppy style women.

For less chilly days, you can wear thin, figure-defining sweaters instead of blouses. These are soft and give a delicate look. Add a watch and loafers for a structured look.

Patterned cardigans are also a great option when it comes to dressing up trousers and skirts. Cardigans can also never go wrong with sheath dresses.  But make sure the cardigan matches your dress, in case you’re wearing a printed one and you’ll be rocking the preppy style girl outfit in no time.

Let’s talk Bottoms

We’ve already mentioned skirts in the previous section. So, let’s jump directly to pants. You can not always wear skirts and sheaths or you’ll die of the cold. For rocking the winter preppy style girl look, you can wear coloured pants and trousers to pop up your outfit. Winters doesn’t have to be dull when it comes to your preppy style outfit. From denim pants to corduroy, you can play with whatever kind of pants and trousers you like. Pair it with a matching cardigan or a thin sweater for a girly silhouette.

That’s all the essentials you’ll need to rock a preppy style. We are sure you already have many of these in wardrobe and the prep fashion uses the classic pieces and turns them up a notch with colours and prints. You don’t need to rush to a shopping mall to start buying pieces for this trending preppy style. Just carefully go through your wardrobe and mix-match colours to pop up your look.

Don’t forget that these are just guidelines and you can always modify to make your outfits personalised!

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