Poster of Self-Criticism

What is Self-Criticism?

Self-criticism is a cultural evolution we are all seeing in trend these last few years. Then the question comes about understanding what exactly is self-criticism.

Self- criticism is a physiological concept of pointing our own flaws in the light of a critical situation. It can be something which benefits the growth of an individual due to self-acceptance and inherent intention of improving themselves but can also be detrimental – if the indulgence towards it is too much.

Is our View of Self-Criticism Biased?

Poster of Self-Criticism

Self- Criticism is scientifically considered as a negative trait and it is often attributed to depression, low self-worth and esteem and other personality issues such as confidence. The very basics of self-criticism rely on societal standards and setting out one’s achievements for validation from society can cause serious repercussions to one’s mental health. But let’s focus on the positive and talk about the benefits of self-criticism.

Self-criticism is an ability which helps someone to scale their capabilities and also helps in better performance. The habit of just second-guessing every action and reconfirming everything till the last minute can assure their accomplishment – since one has given their hundred per cent to fulfil a task. This sense of self-satisfaction is enough to keep strong morale and move forward even when faced with failure.

When one contemplates their actions and previous deeds they get to analyse their shortcomings they get to improve themselves and be the best versions of themselves. The failures will be easy to overcome when they are confident about themselves, from deep pondering and continuous striving to improvement – one becomes aware of their strongholds and can actively look for better and bigger opportunities to prove themselves and do promising deeds. 

There is also a thing about not delving into narcissism and boasting which are considered major flaws of human nature. We tend to ignore the benefits of self-criticism such level-headedness and keen listening to others suggestions, insights and most importantly the continuous passion to reach the silver horizon.

Essence of Self-Criticism

Poster of Self-Criticism

Inclining more towards the negative side of self-critical nature crops of many different things like less self-awareness and a constant feeling of not being able to satisfy people around us or the standards society has set for us. But this is all biased thinking towards something as beneficial as self-criticism. This self-criticism bais roots form the wrong mindset. It is all about growing as an individual due to their needs than dictation from others to do so.

As one needs to focus on their failures but equally it is important to appreciate their advancements and motivate themselves continuously. Otherwise, they’re the entire principle of thinking and pondering on one’s own action is wasted. It is not about just blaming themselves or others but to learn from past experiences and develop for a better life. At the end when one indulges in it appropriately, practising self-criticism is a good habit indeed.

Right Time to Self-Criticise and take Actions

Taking self-note and further accounting to those and finding a niche where one needs to work more, is a work which needs a lot of mental strength and willpower. Admitting one’s own mistakes and working on it is not a thing who is insecure and lack faith in themselves. The first one needs belief in themselves and that can only come from self- preservation and self-love.

So there is no correct time to specifically think about it and it is also always the correct time for doing the same. It is about one’s mental built and self-reliance ability. And now when we have an ample amount of time to think, sitting in our times in lockdown – what is better than focusing on self for a fresh and power boot, once life comes back to regular.

Self-criticism causes growth only when one can direct themselves to focus on the rights and not on deeming themselves a failure. When someone believes that they are a letdown then gradually it comes to that. So self-criticism is good in light of any action or task one does and they believe they could have done better if they did not make some mistakes, which one doesn’t usually make.

One needs to be assured that they don’t fall in an endless cycle of despair when thinking and self-criticism and it is a fact that critics should always be constructive.

Baseless analysis without a follow-up action plan is just useless and it is better not to waste time In such directionless thinking. What we need is a formative assessment of our conduct instead of just thinking about our shortcomings and going back to neglecting them.

What to consider when Self-Criticising?

Poster of Self-Criticism

If one is willing to take action, then self-criticism is justified otherwise doing that instead of solid work or task is just mindless and wastage of time. Self-criticism can lead to the cultural revolution when everybody is ideally doing something to improve a better society which is productive is bound to emerge.

Analysing itself is not bad but doing it to the extent of undermining one’s abilities and worth is unjustified for themselves. So when one has a stronger resilience then only they should delve into such critical examining and micro- scrutiny of their lives.

There are many things which come into action when one goes to contemplating themselves- their social, cultural, financial situations. Thinking about a factor which one can’t reverse is not worth the time and effort but focussing on something which is tangible like practising a little more, or reading a little extra or brushing up some extra skills can facilitate in overall perform an of an individual.

Of one cannot deal with the pressure of their own activities than writing them down and working on them one-by-one is a great strategy to adapt. It will help gradually and along with that someone can include praising themselves and motivating themselves with the hopes of better future and growth as a human can also be tremendous. In truth, when one does self-criticism, it is not about how they feel like as themselves but it is more about one outside their corporeal form wherein they have transcended enough to think workout any connections to themselves, so one needs to take into account all the goods and the bad then the only the activity can be counted successful.

Positive self-criticism can be a catalyst for a cultural revolution as it can remove the ingrained social bias towards self-criticism. But it can only be advantageous when someone tales it responsibly and constructively otherwise it does nothing but lowering down the morale.

One needs a strong support system to rely on or some strong relationships or people in life where they can ask for help, then only the courage to do something better arises from one’s self. But not many are fortunate enough to have such reliant people, and the path towards self-growth is all about themselves and it is difficult.

But in have situations, it is perseverance and hope for something better the next moment in life, the very transient thing that keeps up- to develop from a caterpillar to a butterfly. The notion of self- criticism and those who encourage it can seem too overbearing and strict but only by being rigour of one can reach the zenith the very vortex of being because all we talk about how these days society is not accountable, forgetting how self-criticism causes to be the very fuel which powers it.

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