Gramblr Review 2020

It is the year 2020 and we all are stuck in our homes with nowhere to go thanks to Covid-19. However, now, this app Gramblr is banned. In such times of crisis, the only thing that comes to our rescue is the internet

When we think about the internet the first thing that pops in our minds is social media. Social media like Instagram Facebook, YouTube, and all its contemporaries.

Social media is a platform that many individuals, huge and small companies use to expand their business and inculcate growth.

Nowadays many individuals are flourishing in their careers as social media influencers. Social media validation is the new black. Many entrepreneurs, photographers, fashion designers, firms also use social media as a tool of advertisement and marketing. They don’t just seldom upload on these platforms but are grossly active throughout the months posting almost every hour. This process of constantly editing and uploading can be a little hectic and difficult through the 1125 x 2436-pixel mobile screen.

Well, the solution to this modern-day problem was originated many years back in the year 2012 when a free web service named Gramblr was introduced.

What is Gramblr?

Gramblr Review 2020

Gramblr is a desktop program that allows you to post photographs to your Instagram with the convenience of your desktop. This game has gained the first-mover advantage and grew into prominence fast. Not just limited to windows but gramblr for mac was also available. Not only did it help you post outside the restrictions of your smartphone but it also had features like image editing, filters, schedule posting, etc.

However, these were not the only reasons why it was a hit amongst today’s millennials or Instagram users. It provided some other luxury services and that too for free.

If you uploaded your picture through gramblr you tend to get bulk likes from anonymous accounts. There was a system of like exchange that helped two individuals grow on Instagram.

It was indeed a great software for big user companies or famous influencers who are to span out the whole month of posts beforehand. They automatically posted them. Unlike other similar apps who just acted like a butler service who woke you up in the morning and asked you to make your own breakfast. Simply put, other software that was available only reminded you at the time you schedule to post but not actually do the work on its own. This exclusive feature gained mass recognition and appreciation amongst the users.

All was going well until April of 2019 when it vanished off the face of Earth.

Gramblr is Currently Unavailable

Gramblr Review 2020

It is true that the unfortunate death of gramblr has affected many.

Last summer in April 2019 a hashtag was trending on twitter named GRAMBLR NOT WORKING ANYMORE.

Pivotal Role of Gramblr In Users Life

Gramblr Review 2020

Many people came on the platform tweeting about how their life is incomplete without the software and how its untimely demise has left many in dismay.

Many users complain that gramblr alternatives are available. But they are mostly paid and asking for monthly subscriptions.

Many users were bummed with the fact that they had to go through the rigorous and tiresome process of copying files firstly from the cameras to desktop then editing them and lastly transfer them to their mobile devices. Many complained about losing the quality of the photographs in the process of transferring them.

Many even complained about the fact that when they transfer the files to their mobile phones it mostly didn’t support the file configuration.

Twitch gamers also cried in vain because they couldn’t upload their streams without their friend gramblr.

Gramblr gave an option of earning coins that were used to retain likes but when it shut down many of the users lost their coins. This was also one of the reasons for the mass agitation amongst users.

What people fail to recognize is that shutting down of gramblr was actually a blessing in disguise.

Why did Gramblr Shut Down?

Gramblr Review 2020

Although serving as a really obedient and trustworthy friend over the years the software turned out to show its toxic side.

The relationship between the user and the software could no longer be called healthy.

So, summing up the context gramblr is a malware. Malware is a saturated short form of malicious software. Where it can gain access to information of the user without users’ consent.

Nobody wants any e-third party to be snooping around in their personal messages, search history, or going around liking random pictures in bulk. It acted just like a secret soviet agent in London in World War II.

Another reason for its shut was the change in Instagram policy which prohibits the bot or fake likes. Thus, gramblr is not working anymore.

Gramblr or Gambling?

Gramblr Review 2020

The software was secretly gaining access to users’ YouTube accounts. Gramblr was operated through chrome and so was YouTube. This gave gramblr an open window to view YouTube search history, sell off confidential information to potential clients, and subscribe to other channels behind the users back. It came off as a shocker for many users when they noticed their watch history paused and unknown unidentified YouTubers on their YouTube feed. Gramblr was actually gambling the information.

With the auto watch feature on YouTube videos, gramblr was literally playing with the YouTube algorithm as it was not respecting people’s recommendation but was giving views to bot played videos.

Gramblr Alternative Apps

The application of such wide appeal obviously calls on for an alternative. Here are some similar apps we could utilize in lieu of gramblr.


Later is one of the best-recommended alternatives to gramblr. It is a free application for individuals but also offers other plans with improved features, for example, the free features only allow you to upload up to 30 photographs per month but the Plus features allow you to upload up to 100 photographs while the Mobile starter packages allow you to upload unlimited photographs.

It offers features like Visual Content Calendar to schedule your posts, prepares your Instagram feed before uploading to create an aesthetic feel.

The great fact of the matter is that even though it is paid it is an Instagram partner and uses the Instagram Graph API for publishing to Instagram thus your account stays safe from any potential threats.

Lately social, desk gram, Windows store Instagram Application, blue stacks, Rammed, Up let are similar apps too.

Ending Note

Software like gramblr is surely the need of the hour in 2020. But we need something more trustworthy and safer to use. With advancements in technology and the era of cybersecurity, such kind of malware is getting aloof.

In my gramblr review it surely made life easy but alas it was too good to be true.

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