Health Effects of 5G Technology

With each day passing by, we are moving one step ahead and closer to better technological days from 1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G we have stepped up to 5G in the world. That has made immense progress in the field of Technology and this progress have made our days smarter and easier. 5G is actually the 5th generation technology.

Since the development in the field of telecommunications or applied science, health hazards have increased a lot starting from increase in stress levels to increase in a greater number of Cancer patients. Technology, specially the advancement in wireless networks, health hazards have increased a lot more.

5G is now Affecting

Health Effects of 5G Technology

The world is running a race, a race of being the best. This 5th Generation is nothing but a more advanced path or a developed path to stay ahead in a fast-moving competition. There are a lot of health hazards in these kind of radio waves or radio frequency (RF), that are used for communications, which cause enormous health hazards. These radiations cause a lot of negative health hazards and highly affects the immunity.

Mobiles already pass some radioactive waves, that cause huge damage to our health. Putting up high Towers in residential areas are gradually damaging the organs in the body. Above all these upgrades to wireless communications, undoubtedly will cause health hazards more than it used to cause.

Health Risk of 5G Technology

Health Effects of 5G Technology

Some theorists have examined the health hazards of 5G. They said that this new and fast 5G connection or network generates radio-frequency radiation causes a lot of damages to human health. The technology damages the DNA and leads to cancer, cause oxidative damage that can lead to premature aging. This can also damage cell metabolism and potentially lead to other diseases through the generation of stress proteins. Technology also creates a lot of other diseases like brain tumors, impacted teeth, and more. These are actually the health side-effects of 5G.

Danger of 5G in Modern World

Health Effects of 5G Technology

5G will cause a lot of damage or affect the health a lot says, theorists. Main countries have band 5G connection in the residential areas. As this connection is placed in large buildings, densely populated urban areas, crowded stadiums, and more, many cities and towns throughout Northern California are trying to ban the Technology from residential areas because this would highly affect health cause a lot of health hazards. There are also rallies in Poland against using 5G, as activists say it will cause a lot of damage to the health.

Various Health Effects of 5G

Health Effects of 5G Technology

Technology has made a lot of advancement but by taking our social life to virtual life. It has made us lazy, irritable, and comfortable to use shortcuts. Everything from hard work has become smart work. People earlier used to live for many years now it has reduced by at least 20 years because the gradual update to wireless communications are causing high damage to every of the organs in the body, creating diseases like Brain Tumor, types of cancer, and many other unknown diseases. Having a mobile tower near a residential area is just like slow poison.

Once heard, about a 5 years old kid, who suddenly started having teeth coming up all over his mouth. The doctor had counted and said there were 126 teeth in his mouth, which was strange. Later it was detected, that it was caused due to the mobile tower situated absolutely near his house. 5G will definitely have more side effects on human health. Doctors worldwide have suggested various ways of staying away from these dangerous radioactive waves. These are not visible to naked eyes and have no sound. But these cause longtime health hazards that are sometimes not curable.

Is it really 5G Necessary?

Health Effects of 5G Technology

For the advancement of Technology and the want of a better future and to be the best in the competition of fast-moving Technologies, 5G is an upper hand. 5G effects help causing different diseases that results in slow death. Therefore, many cities concerned on human health are issuing ordinances to ban technology. There must be no use of 5G cell in any residential area.

Having a lot of technological advancements will not be of any value if the users don’t live long. If using 4G causes so many side effects on health we can imagine the situation when people worldwide will start upgrading their cell to 5G technology. So, we have to keep in mind the negative health effects of 5G.

We cannot anymore live a life without Technology and the Race or competition to be the best in the technological world can also cannot come to a pause. There is always a scope for betterment. Thus, the race goes on. The only way we can and keep ourselves less affected from the side effects of 5G, is to avoid using them, not allowing to put up a mobile tower in or near residential area, that directly cause high health hazard.

We have to think for a safe future for the upcoming generations. Technology should not hamper their health and curb their right of free living. Thus, knowing the side effects of 5G, we have to be cautious and not let Technology overpower our lives and slow poison us. Pushing us to the dark side of technological health hazards. Be safe keep others safe. We were better wired; wireless made our health’s vulnerable. Let’s think and act.

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