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Instagram has become everyone’s go to social media platform. It was founded by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger in the year 2010 and is currently owned by Facebook Inc. The business is blooming and with everyone restricted at their homes having nothing to do, people have taken to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc. to kill time. Entrepreneurs and business-oriented people have seized this golden opportunity and are raving furiously promoting their brands.

Social media is a great tool to promote anything – an electronic product, an eatery, energy drink or clothes. Literally anything. Professional individuals create accounts on these platforms to sell and socially promote their product. A writer can share snippets of a self-written story and make people read it without even publishing it.

A model can post pictures of self and get offers for brand endorsements. Social influencing has become a big thing. People who travel can post blogs and vlogs and grow their followers. Celebrities use this innovative platform quite effectively. They spread and promote their crafts as well as others.

Advantages of Instagram

Add link to Instagram Story

The software has proved out to be the best. Studies have revealed that there are at least 800 million active users of this app. There are approximately 102 million mobile users of this app and these statistics has encouraged opportunistic business men and women to create a space from which they can get easy access to their target audience.

If you are a budding entrepreneur or just an artist who wants to share his or her art with the world then Instagram is probably the best place to do that. But then the question arises how do I use Instagram to promote my work?

Well, you can start by utilizing all the resources given by the app to full extent. Start posting on a regular basis. You can start by adding your work links on your story. Don’t know how to add link to Instagram story yet? No worries, read on to find out.

In the beginning, Instagram had given the facility of posting a link on the bio of an individual’s account but it had a serious shortcoming. Only a limited number of links can be posted on one’s bio. You can put a couple of stories daily and attach a link related to your work on the story. Confused on how to add link to Instagram story?  Here are some easy steps to tell you how to an add link to your Instagram story.

Features of the Story in Instagram

Add link to Instagram Story

Instagram has two features regarding how to add link to Instagram story.

The first feature is on how to add a link to your Instagram story is:

  1. The swipe up feature to add a link to your story.

When an account reaches to 10,000 followers, the app generates an additional feature of swipe up Instagram story. You can start swiping left to open the story segment or just clicking in the Instagram story icon on the top left side of your page.

You have a wide variety of choices to apply like a filter, some sort of a one liner catchy phrase, a sticker, an emoticon or a gif.

Next, tap on the insert link icon on the top. It is easy to recognize as it is shaped like chain link. Via this option you can insert the link you want.

The last step is to create a call-to-action to invite viewers and your followers to swipe up and check out your link.

This is the normal procedure and answer to your how to add a link to Instagram story question.

Problem of Getting Link

Add link to Instagram Story

But this can only be done when your account has a certain number of followers i.e. about 10K followers. Unfortunately, not all of us have that number of followers:

  • To combat this problem and answer your question of how to add a link to Instagram story you can promote your product by sponsoring paid advertisements on the Instagram app.

In conclusion, young entrepreneurs can change their company statistics completely by using proper promoting methods. In order to increase your followers to 10,000 followers you can also incorporate commonly or frequently searched and relevant hash tags to increase search results of your product and post the content which is high in demand or keeps the viewers engaged.

I hope your question How to add link on Instagram story has been answered properly. What are you waiting for, go out there (virtually) and start promoting your product? Stay home, be safe and grow your business!

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