Love Ka Panga Web Series in the year 2020

Love ka Panga is a new web series that was recently aired on Love ka Panga MXplayer. It was released on 15th October 2020, and is a new romance series featuring the cast of Ansh Bagri, Asha Negi, Meenu Panchal, and Bhawsheel Sahni. Love ka Panga watch online through the streaming service of MXplayer. This article is a Love ka Panga review that might give you some insight on the newly released series.

Love ka Panga Release Date

The romantic-comedy web-series was released on 15th October following a mystery series that had aired on MXplayer.

Love ka Panga Cast

Love Ka Panga Web Series in the year 2020

The Hindi language web-series features an amazing Love ka Panga cast starring Asha Negi (playing the role of Neha), Ansh Bagri (playing the role of Sumit), Meenu Panchal, and Bhawsheel Sahni. The series is directed by Nitesh Singh.

Love Ka Panga Review and Plot

The romantic comedy web-series, airing on Love ka Panga MXplayer, focusses on the characters of Neha (played by Asha Negi), and Sumit (played by Ansh Bagri) who eventually fall in love despite their initial differences, and mutual feelings of hostility towards each other. The series charts a narrative depicting the development of romance between Neha, and Sumit, following their encounter on the romantic hills of Manali.

The series brings forth the differences between Neha, and Sumit, intensifying the chemistry between the two, and setting off their romance. However, the drama of the show also relies on these differences, and the ways through which these characters come to a compromise, and a happy reconciliation.

Their First Encounter in the Story

Love Ka Panga Web Series in the year 2020

The story begins with Neha’s solo vacation to the hills of Manali. Neha is a modern, and strong-headed woman from Delhi who is straight-forward, and decisive as to what she wants. She is a graduate from the Miranda College, and is a typical urban woman, with urban expectations of romance, and love. During this vacation, she meets Sumit, an easy-going Haryanvi man who was raised in Delhi. Sumit, however, is different from Neha, in that, he does not belong to the urban part of the city of Delhi.

He is not as sophisticated, or as modern as Neha, and has a more carefree approach to life. Neither Sumit, nor Neha is ashamed of their personalities, making them both prideful characters with a penchant for being self-righteous. While it is their stubbornness that would initially attract them to each other, it would be this very quality that would later create complications in their developing relationship.

At first, Neha’s encounter with Sumit would prove to be irritating to her. She would be disgusted by his vulgar mannerisms, and his tendencies to impose himself on her. Although, they did not have anything in common, and little to talk about, they would still have conversations that would inevitably devolve into arguments in which they would insult each other, and, find each other insufferable.

The classic trope of “opposites attract” has been utilised in this narrative, following a formulaic, yet addicting plot: girl meets boy; they hate each other; then, they start mysteriously falling in love with each other; there is some misunderstanding that separates them; and they have their happily-ever-after following a tearful reunion. There is nothing wrong with utilising such a trope; as they say, “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.”

How their relationship develops

Love Ka Panga Web Series in the year 2020

Following their first encounter in which they did not have very pleasant impressions of each other, Neha, and Sumit would continue to coincidentally meet. This could be because of fate (which is another convenient trope of the romantic-comedy genre), the smallness of the town which is the location of Neha’s vacation, or they could be stalking each other – probably not, but you never know! Throughout these interactions, for the most part, Neha, and Sumit would spend a lot of their time bickering, and physically fighting each other, which seems to be their way of expressing interest for one another.

On rare occasions, they would have extremely profound conversations on the meaning of love; they would discover valuable nuggets of truth, such as love and sex possibly being separate from one another – this would surprise the carefree Sumit who, otherwise, seemed to be very mature.

They compensated for the lack of common interests, and ideas between them by fuelling their chemistry with verbal abuse, and stereotyping of each other as the “typical Delhi man”, and the “typical Delhi woman”. However, they are clearly made for each other, because, they both seemed to be getting off of the constant fighting that would be the recurring theme of the series.

Eventually, after the fights, and the deep conversations, they succumb to the palpable chemistry between them, and start to sexually engage with each other. Although it may seem that they have conflated love with sex, dismissing their previously established philosophy, it must not be forgotten that their love is one of a kind with no stability, and only stimulation.

Whether this stimulation is good, or not is subjective, however, it works for them. During this phase of their short-spanned acquaintanceship, they begin to feel love for each other; it may seem a little rushed, and confusing, however, “when you know it’s right, it’s just right”. For a while, they continue this affair, seemingly blissful in each other’s companionship, and love, however, it would not last.

The conflict followed by their happy reunion

Neha, and Sumit experience a misunderstanding despite their remarkable communication skills. The “misunderstanding” – which is another convenient trope of the romantic-comedy genre – creates a conflict in the narrative, because, we needed more conflict between the two of them. Although, it may seem that their relationship is quite fragile, it doesn’t matter, because, these two stubborn love-birds are determined to get back to each other no matter what.

So, after a brief separation accompanied by a lot of crying, and general agony, they realise that they only need each other to make the sadness dissipate. In this separation they realise how much they miss each other; their frequent fights, irritable moods, deep conversations, and sex. And it is this realisation that brings them back together in a touching reunion that would indicate a happy future with a safe, and healthy romantic relationship.

Love ka Panga imdb page

Love Ka Panga Web Series in the year 2020

In the Love ka Panga imdb, a snippet of the actor, Ansh Bagri’s interview shows him to be proud to be a part of the web-series. He also expresses his respect for the actress, Asha Negi, referring to her as a simple, yet studious work with competence in her profession.

If you find the premise of this show interesting, you can find it on the streaming platform MXplayer. The Love ka Panga release date is 15th October 2020, so it’s probably available for you to watch online. You can Love ka Panga watch online, and hopefully; you will enjoy this new romantic-comedy web-series.

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