Best Anime Series For Adults in 2020

Anime is one of the most popular animations from Japan. Although anime is considered to be for children, there are many animes for adults as well. Anime has become a significant part in people’s life mostly because of the story-line. Adults can also enjoy anime suitable to their taste. For a cozy anime night, you can buy anime onesies for adults that are available online and spend your end binge-watching anime in your favourite anime costume. 

Here are some Japanese anime for adults, that should be in your watch list. So grab a bowl of popcorn and a can of soda and watch these amazing top animes for adult. 

Best Anime Films for Adults 


Best Anime Series For Adults in 2020

If you like science fiction and psychological genres, then here is one of the top anime for adults to enjoy. This movie is like Christopher Nolan’s Inception with the concept of an imaginative journey to the dream world. The story revolves around a doctor Kosaku Tokita, who uses revolutionary modern science to enter the dreams of her patient and help them. This movie is a thrilling experience in itself and one of the best Japanese anime for adults. 

Cat Soup

Best Anime Series For Adults in 2020

Do you enjoy anthropomorphism in movies? If yes, then watch this heartfelt journey of Nyatto, a cat who has embarked upon a journey to save the soul of his sister whose soul has been set apart in two. Go with Nyatto to the land of the dead and experience the surreal journey. Cat Soup is filled with psychedelic and intense plot twist that will blow your mind. Also, there are cute anime onesies for adults with Nyatto’s print. Get your hand in one of these and enjoy the cat tale.

First Squad: The Moment of Truth

Best Anime Series For Adults in 2020

If you are a fan of the brutal World War II and enjoy watching movies and series based on the same, First Squad is one of the top adult cartoon movie to enjoy. Based on a World War II setting, this movie narrates the journey of Nadya and extraordinary recruit by the Soviet Union to fight the war against the Germans using her extraordinary abilities. 


Akira is a movie that changed the face of Japanese animation. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, this movie is about Kaneda and Tetsuo, two orphans raised together. Akira is a science fiction narrative based on a dystopian world. This is movie is going to make you feel unsettled with the story revolving around death and abandonment.

This movie is about a futuristic world fighting the third world war battle. This movie is filled with political diplomacy, action and narrates the tale of a militaristic government. One of the best animes for adults. 

Tokyo Godfathers 

Japanese anime can make us cry and relate ourselves with the animated characters on screens. If you have always been a fan of heartfelt comedy with a plethora of emotions? Then this should be your first pick.

Tokyo Godfathers is an adventurous journey of a transgender drag queen, a middle-age alcoholic and a high school kid who are tied together on a Christmas evening to save the life of an infant. Tokyo Godfathers will restore your faith in humanity through these protagonists and move you the way animes always does. 

Best Anime Series for Adults


We live in a society with class distinction where the poor is always inferior to the rich and famous. This anime series is on this very distinction. Dr Kenzou Tenma’s life is set. He is an established brain surgeon working at Eisler Memorial Hospital in Düsseldorf, West Germany, all set to marry the daughter of the hospital director.

Tenma is disinterested in the politics taking place in the hospital and one day his life changes when he chooses to act on his morality discarding direct hospital orders. This is one of the best adult cartoons that will guide you through the price ones pay to be moral in a cruel selfish society. 

Cowboy Bebop

Best Anime Series For Adults in 2020

This series is set in a futuristic dystopian world where due to over-exploitation of natural resources, earth has been splintered and in order to survive the human race using technology has achieved to colonise the solar system. The plot line of this world revolves around a group of bounty hunters drastically different from one another. This anime was not so famous when it initially released but soon gained a cult following due to his storyline. 

March Comes in Like a Lion

Adolescent times are hard. We are surrounded by tv shows and films that usually run in the same pattern narrating the unrealistic high school years that acts more like an escape route than relatable. But March comes in like a lion does not follow the trendy high school narration and focus on things we all go through during our high school years. It deals with depression, separation, peer pressure, changing relationship with the family. Grab a box of tissue and watch this best series for adults relating your teenage years in every episode. 

Samurai Champloo

This is a historical action-comedy packed with adventures of the waitress Jinn and two rogue named Mugen and a samurai named Jin, in search of the sunflower samurai. If you enjoyed Cowboy Bebop, then this one should be next in your list. This anime is though different in terms of setting but has a similar plot-line that you would love to binge-watch.

You can buy your next set of samurai anime costume for adult and be the samurai you always wanted to be in Halloween. 

Kill La Kill

This is the perfect anime to watch after a hectic day at work. A blend of action and comedy matched perfectly with one another, its a treat to the eyes, heart and soul. This is the kind of show that makes you crave for more and more. It is filled with good puns and interesting characters. The story is about a young Ryuko who enters Honnouji Academy to find out her father’s murderer. 

Death Note

Death note is not the typical anime is not the typical kind of anime you usually come across. This anime is intellectual warfare between two super-smart teenager Yagami Light and L.

Light when came across a mythical book called the death note, he started to explore it and was determined to use the book that can kill people to scrape out the criminals from this world and make it crime-free. But drunk with the power death note gives him and the challenges L provides him with, he changes as a person and his target shifts from criminals to L. 

Hope you enjoyed the best animation series for adults. 

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