Complete Review of Marriage Boot Camp

Humans always keep on searching their source of recreation and entertainment. The Marriage Boot Camp is the one that can be watched by all. Television since the 1930s is ruling the heart of people till now. Television at home always remains as the first choice of the audience as it provides entertainment at a cheap price and it provides best time pass entertainment conveniently at our homes only.

In this time where the world is fighting with the deadly coronavirus, television plays a very important role in keeping people to stay at home and give the recreation at the home only. Being stuck at home is irritating but some of the reality shows that are aired in different parts of the world has made home living a fantastic experience. One of the most famous American television reality shows Marriage boot camp will prove to be the best staying home mantra. 

Marriage boot camp American reality show came into various series and become one of the favourite shows of this decade. From the release of the first season of Marriage Boot Camp in 2013 till now seventeenth seasons has been launched and ruled the television industry. Its present season named as the Marriage boot camp: Hip Hop Edition started in the July of this year and presented a more dramatic situation that comes in the lives of five celebrity couples.

The five celebrity couples discuss their lives and name their relationship status as the situationship, as they are in that stage of their love relationship where they are surrounded by many troubles. In this show, they give one last chance to their relationship and they try to sort out their troubling fights. In the show, if they failed to solve the problem of their relationship then they will end their love affair and give a kiss of goodbye to each other. The jury of the show Dr Ish and Judge Toler helps the couples to decide the future of their relationship.

Cast of the Marriage Boot Camp 17th Season

Complete Review of Marriage Boot Camp

From the very first season of the show, many of the superstar celebrities cast the show and make it a big hit. The love-hate reality show covers life stories of various celebrity couples who confronts a troubling relationship. They seek the help of the show judges to manage their love problems. The show has five celebrity couple. The seventeenth season of the show Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition cast Tahiry and Vado, Phaedra and Medina, Kurupt and Toni, Hazele-e and De’von, Willie and Shanda, and present out that how these celebrities love story turned out in the hate story. All these prominent celebrities belong to the various prosperous professions. 

Marriage boot camp celebrity cast Vado is a rapper, while her partner Tahiry is from Love and Hop New York. Phaedra features in the Real Housewives of Atlantis, while Medina is a rapper and actor. Third couple Kurupt is also a rapper while partner Toni is a model. Another celebrity couple Hazele-e is from Love and Hip Hop Hollywood and De’von is a model. The last participant couple Willie and Shanda are both from Love and Hip Hollywood. These celebrity couple’s story is giving a big hit to the show. There fighting and loving moments capture a lot of audience and the feedbacks of the public flooded the twitter and other social networking sites as the new episode telecast.

Dr Ish Major, the relationship expert, hosted the show and gives tricky tasks to the couples. Dr Ish is a renowned psychiatrist and deals with couples who found trouble in their love relationships. The Marriage Boot Camp is also hosted by Judge Lynn Toler who is an advocate. While the show is a production of a couple of Jim Carroll and Elizabeth Carroll.

Plot of the Marriage Boot Camp

Complete Review of Marriage Boot Camp

The Marriage Boot Camp couples reality show had been telecasting and entertaining the public from the last seven years. In all the seventeenth seasons the show deals with the relationship problems and the troubles that the couples encounter with each other. In the first two seasons of the Marriage Camp boot, the hosts of the show deal with a couple who face trouble in their marriages and the participant couples stay together for ten days in a house to test their relationship.

At the end of every show of all the season couples decides the future of their relationship that they whether they can remain together or should they get separated. The recent season of the show gains a lot of popularity as it features some of the celebrities of the present time.

The Marriage Boot Camp Tahiry and Vado face trouble in their relationship but before ending it they decided to give the last chance so they become a part of this show in which the marriage counsellor helps them to sort out the things. Tahiry Vado marriage boot camp is being loved by many and the audience loves their chemistry.

They both have trust issues and they both suspect each other. Phaedra and Medina find it difficult to stay in a long-distance relationship. Other celebrity couples to face many relationship troubles and with the relationships experts, they take counselling and participate in tasks to make things work out.

Anyone can take the thrill of personal issues of these couples who are ready to go to beyond any limit for the pleasure of the audience. The show is telecasted every Thursday at 9 pm on the We TV and every new episode come with the new issues and troubling fights of the couples.

Reviews of the Marriage Boot Camp

Complete Review of Marriage Boot Camp

From the very first episode of the first season, the show remains as the best couple’s reality show. The Marriage Boot Camp always remains one of the favourite reality TV show that features some of the prominent celebrities who are the shining stars of the TV industry. The show faces many controversies and the judges of the show are blamed for indulging participant couples in the unethical and the immoral practices which causes more frequent fights in the celebrity participants.

The audience sometimes blames the show creators for making more troubles in the lives of their favourite stars. As soon the new episode of the marriage boot camp is telecasted the hashtag #marriagebootcamp started coming and people express their feeling about the last episode.

Recently, the Marriage Boot Camp Tahiry and Vado gain a lot of publicity. As in the last episode’s promo, it was shown that Vado is snatching Tahiry’ s neck and the audience started blaming Vado for his arrogant behaviour and for raising his hands on a woman. But as soon as the episode is telecast people then understand the reality and many started sporting Vado. Many consider that both done an equal mistake as though Vado hit her but Tahiry too made a mistake as she throws apples at him.

Some wrote on Twitter that being a woman does not let Tahiry raise hands on him. If violence occurs in any of the sides in the relationship then it should be condemned as the relationship is all about respecting and loving each other. In the episode what happened was wrong and it should not happen in a relationship. Tahiry blames Vado for giving her extreme electronic show although it was just directed to give a mild shock then both indulge in a violent dirty fight that causes a lot of controversies.


Complete Review of Marriage Boot Camp

The Marriage Boot Camp is one of the most famous reality show of America that shows the reality of celebrity couple’s lives. The reality couple shows the reality of toxic relations and how violence ruined the lives of couples. Although the star couples look wonderful on the reel screen in reality they have many troubles that completely collapsed their relations. The show telecasted the couple’s expert advice and the psychiatrist perspective of the trouble relationships.

The marriage Boot camp although gain a lot of publicity but it faces backlashes for promoting violence and toxicity in relations. The show’s judges also indulge in controversy as they also blame for making the couples to fight. Some blame that the couples fight on the screen just for publicity and they can cross any limit to give a big hit to the show. But it collects millions of fan following and is one of the favourite reality show.

The Marriage Boot Camp is gaining a lot of positive as well as negative comments but the truth is that the couple reality show is showing the reality of the lives of various prominent couples from time to time. The reality shows Marriage Boot Camp shows that what always show on the screen is not always true. The celebrities to have personal lives and troubles in their lives as because they too are humans.

The show is pulling curtains to many hid realities of the celebrity lives as well as from their characters also. But the Marriage boot camp is one of the most famous and must match television reality show and is changing the perspective of reality shows.

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