Review of Virgin Bhanupriya in 2020

The Virgin Bhanupriya Zee5 Movie, is about a young girl in her 20’s still in college, Bhanupriya (Urvashi Rautela) sees all her peer engaged in sexual intercourse and wants to experience it as well but has no luck in it. Bhanu’s parents are separated and her best friend, Rakul Singh (Rummana Molla) keeps insulting or maybe makes fun of her still being a virgin or keeps pressuring Bhanu to lose her virginity.

In fact Rakul kind of even forces Bhanu to be with a guy, who is not even her type and expects her to lose her to that guy. Bhanu meets a guy, Shartiya (Gautam Gulathi), who is our protagonist (I think). Shartiya is a macho and a muscular man, who does not fit into any sort of preferences in Bhanu’s list but she still tends to fall for him.

Release Date of Virgin Bhanupriya

Review of Virgin Bhanupriya in 2020

The movie Virgin Bhanupriya stars actress Urvashi Rautela and actor Gautum Gulati as the leads of this movie. Virgin Bhanupriya Zee5 Release Date was supposed to be scheduled for some time in the month of July 2020 but as the entire world and the nation has been battling the COVID-19, the director and producers thought it would be better if they release it on one of the online streaming platforms, which will also be safe as well as profitable.

Sadly, they did not think this through while making the movie itself as it definitely was a flop and a major cringe movie (if anyone thought through it would save most of them some time, energy as well as money). It falls under the drama-comedy kind of genre and Virgin Bhanupriya Zee5 Release Date was 16 July 2020.

Virgin Bhanupriya Zee5 Review

Review of Virgin Bhanupriya in 2020

The Virgin Bhanupriya Zee5 Movie just revolves around how a girl, who is by the way shown as a topper, who obviously has to wear glasses which also portrays that she is a shy and an innocent kind off a girl (such a classic and typical kind of a personality for an introvert). Bhanu feels so intimidated by her peers including her best-friend are all experiencing sex, where in her case she has not even had her first kiss! Which is obviously the biggest milestone in one’s life without that we have just not achieved anything.

While I was going through various other Virgin Bhanupriya Zee5 Review I came across many negative reviews towards it which suggests how bad and what a huge flop this was. Even though the movie wanted to send out a message that a female is allowed to decide when to experience her sexuality and experience sex. Perhaps, the problem was that it was shown as the only goal in Bhanu’s life, the makers or probably the writers were so obsessed with Bhanu’s sex life that they literally had a scene.

Wherein the pandit/ astrologer is shown reading out Bhanu’s tarot cards and saying that she will never have sex (who actually gets such things even done). Moving on in the story, Bhanu meets Shartiya, who is badass, macho kind of a guy and for some random reason he likes betting (on anything) which Bhanupriya also finds somehow “heroic” and still the two do not have any sort of a chemistry between them.

Rakul, who plays the role of Bhanupriya’s best friend is the worst friend one could ever ask for. Who forces someone to just sleep with a random person and get over their virginity? I felt she was quite toxic in the movie and her only goal was to get her best friend have sex.

Problem with Virgin Bhanupriya Movie

Review of Virgin Bhanupriya in 2020

Apart from the hopeless and failed romance and a toxic “best friend” there are a lot of problematic scenes which have been shown as a “comedy” aspect and were really not at all funny. Let us begin with the biggest problematic and non- funny scene where in a person literally says, “Ladkiyan kisi ko bhi badnam kar sakti hai”, this is said in the context where a woman is seen blaming a guy for forcing himself on her and is been defended by another woman, I have a question for the writer as well as the director. In what sense are you trying to promote a woman’s sexuality by demeaning a woman in the same story with such a statement? And it just does not stop there, they even try to show that men do not get raped, and make jokes about rape as well. Like really how insensitive are you people?

Talking about a topic like “rape” and then joking about it on a platform which truly has the potential of educating people about it but instead you thought it could be used as a joke to just have a laugh. It is not funny and trying to show that men do not get rapped is the filthiest thought that anyone could have. In fact, not only this movie but other movies as well which try to show that ‘men do not get raped’ in a funny context is not at all funny and to a greater level problematic, maybe this is one of the reasons as well that men in our country find it difficult to talk about their experience with sexual abuse.

The movie also continues to slut- shame and fat- shame a person, as it is “funny” and okay to do so. Honestly, I have a question for all the people out there in the movie industry that what is your problem with a person’s appearance, why do you need to body shame someone if they are not meeting your typical Bollywood standard of beauty and weight, why can’t you just acknowledge the fact that every person is beautiful?

I know movies are made with fictional stories and are just a source of entertainment, but when you see such nasty and un-funny kind of scenes how do you expect people to laugh and do you realise what kind of a message you are trying showcase indirectly? No right, so you need to get over fat-shaming, slut-shaming and other such unrealistic norm based jokes, they are just not funny. In the film I also noticed that there were scenes where in the characters were making fun of a person with speech defect. How can someone be so insensitive and make jokes on a person for his flaws? Like really?

Virgin Bhanupriya Zee5 IMDb Review:

Review of Virgin Bhanupriya in 2020

Virgin Bhanupriya Zee5 Movie was released on the web for maximum users to stream at the comfort and safety of their homes. Perhaps The Virgin Bhanupriya Zee5 IMDb Review has rated this movie as a 1.8 /10. This shows how bad the movie is in itself.


Review of Virgin Bhanupriya in 2020

 Virgin Bhanupriya Zee5 Movie, based on what I have seen and read, I feel this movie is very bad and do not waste your time in watching this. It is quite opposite of absurd and is very problematic. The acting and the cast is also not that great and more importantly the story line is very bad and disturbing in so many levels. If the makers wanted to show about a women and her approach towards her sexuality and her sex life they could have done so much better than this, where the girl is literally ready to have sex with anyone she sees. I would not recommend this movie.

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