Raktanchal in 2020

The Indian Crime Thriller streaming scene has been packed lately with intense series filled with guns, bombs, rivalry and the evil gangsters. Set in mostly real locations to come across as more appealing than fantastical drama thrillers, these series have kept their audiences glued to their seats.

Considering the comparatively recent culture of web series and series seasons available on streaming platforms like Netflix, MX Player, Hotstar and Amazon Prime, people generally do not have to wait for 24 hrs daily to watch the next episode of the tantalising series that they find themselves often addicted to.

A new series, matching its standard to the other well-known crime thrillers have recently been aired on MX Player, named Raktanchal MX Player. This is a complete crime thriller drama genre mini-series that is also specially categorised as Raktanchal MX Player web series owing to the streaming service.

Raktanchal MX Player Review

Raktanchal in 2020

The Raktanchal web series narrates the very true story of two gangsters, namely Wasim Khan and Vijay Singh, their roles played by the actors Nikitin Dheer and Kranti Prakash respectively, as they go head to head in their tale of rivalry and blood-war against one another. Raktanchal MX Player web series is packed with action keeping the audience glued to the screen.

Within the backdrop of Poorvanchal District, Uttar Pradesh, the Raktanchal web series takes its audiences back to the ’80s in this true story of the two gangsters each fuelled by their motive. While Wasim Khan seeks pleasure through material and financial power, Vijay Singh is unstoppable with the urgency of justice and revenge roaring in his blood.

Considering the location of Raktanchal MX Player web series and the true story it narrates, it’s no surprise that the show’s creators took full liberty at developing the drama sequences in the most realistic telling of the real story as possible. Raktanchal web series MX Player is much more than just a story of blood and gore that still marks the gang-infested districts of the state of Uttar Pradesh.

It is an honest telling of the kind of criminal politics and gore that surround these areas even today, as viewers draw a relation of the story of the crime thriller Raktanchal web series MX Player to today’s events in these same areas of the country, even after 40 years. Drug peddling, child trafficking, gangsters are no mythical situations or figures in the scenario of modern India, just like they were not years ago.

Raktanchal Web Series Ratings

Raktanchal in 2020

One essential area of focus for the Raktanchal MX Player Review would be the character development of the protagonists, along with the side characters in Raktanchal web series MX Player. Be it the gangsters themselves or their gang members, the director has done a wonderful job in developing them as normal humans made gangsters by the situation and events of upbringing they had. While none of the characters is truly a ‘hero’ in Raktanchal MX Player, Vijay Singh however seems to occupy a more central role than Wasim, based on the focus the director puts on his childhood and his development into the angry hot-blooded gangster he metamorphoses into.

Wasim Khan on the other hand seems to be a crazed and money-loving gangster who sees red on any sign of impending disruption of the flow of his plans. Many audiences have taken to Raktanchal web series MX Player IMDb to express their views on the excessive bloodbath, abusive dialect and shooting that permeates every scene of the series on every level. While this may be honest to the word portrayal of the political mafia scene of Uttar Pradesh District, which most of us know still runs deep into the roots of its comparatively remote areas, a portrayal of so much gore and blood may be off-putting for many which enhance the very reality of the drama.

It is also essential to note while knowing the Raktanchal MX Player Review that the series contains 9 episodes. However, while that may seem to be of quite shorter duration when compared to other web series, viewers need not be worried since each of the episodes of Raktanchal MX Player is filled with numerous twists and turns leaving the audience gasping at the reality that surrounds them for years unknown to them.

Each episode, according to Raktanchal web series MX Player IMDb is highly anticipated by the fans because of the quick and vigorous formation of fresh plot and storyline throughout the minutes. Fresh figures with newer lines are seen almost in every formation of the story scenes leaving the viewer fending for themselves to get a grasp on what is going on and how.

Raktanchal Web Series Release Date

Raktanchal in 2020

One of the highly anticipated crime series of this year, Raktanchal web series release date was set for May 28, 2020, on MX Player and its subsidiary streaming networks. All 9 episodes were released for the fans together with pumping titles of each episode describing the kind of drama anxious to unfold with each chapter. The side characters have done an excellent job in adding to the story, each actor unfailingly performing their roles with utmost dedication and completely in the skin of the character they represent.

While Vijay Singh and Wasim Khan may appear as the two most important figures in the series, several other characters who have been constants throughout the series and even the ones appearing episode wise have managed to leave a mark in their respective roles. Staying true to reality, they play roles almost of the same importance as the two gang leaders because, after all, a gang is much more than just the gang leader himself, with each gang a family of their own, even if not always related by blood.

The series caters to the audience’s thirst for delving into the deeper and unruly unauthorised and illegal world that strangely runs openly in the remote villages of India. While the story itself is set in 1980, the time very accurately depicted by the attires language and hierarchy inherent in the tale, as mentioned before, the audience is reminded that even though the world has moved on 40 years since the original occurrence of the real story, several gangsters like Vijay Singh and Wasim Khan still exist today, sitting unperturbed by the world that has moved forward around them.

Raktanchal MX Player is a realisation of the world that used to be and the world that is, while we sit in the comfort of our homes ignorant by the numerous bloodshed and shooting wars that take place outside the comforts of urban life.

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