God Man Web Series 2020

Godman web series, a Tamil new web series was released on 12th June 2020. This web series has fallen in the jaws of 2020 new trend of controversies. Sitting idle at houses have trained some brains to overthink and overreact. Godman, a Guru or Father like figure, earns a lot of respect in India. The Tamil web series directed by Babu Yogeswaran and produced by Elango Raghupathy, was released with lot of expectations of huge success, that totally got ruined and above all they are summoned to police station for further enquiries.

GodMan Web Series Review

God Man Web Series 2020

The Godman web series, Tamil web series of crime and thrill, have been banned in India before half of the viewers even watched it. This web series was only available on Zee5 and was confirmed about streaming it, in the month of June this year. When this contract was approved between the two, there happened to be no problem, no one objected anything.

But now the Godman web series is being banned in India and Zee5 pull it back except the Godman web series trailer in Zee5. It is said that the web series have hurt a lot of religious sentiments, but the web series makers said it is just to put a lid to the freedom of expression. The makers of the web series said that they are getting calls from all over the world to just abuse them.

GodMan Web Series Story

God Man Web Series 2020

The story of this Tamil web series sounded interesting to many intellectuals, as it really did not put any explicit or implicit knowledge or scenes that would hurt the religious sentiments of the viewers. The story plays around the very simple and common battle of power, money, God and lust. Just as soon as the Godman decides to make a platform dweller, the abbot of his godly Empire, the battle begins.

According to the world Brahmin welfare Association and many other Pro-Hindu groups have said that certain dialogues, the plot and scenes discomforts or hurts the religious sentiments of the people. A FIR has been launched at the Chennai Central Crime Branch against the web series makers and they are forfeited by the police on its charge. The FIR was registered against the makers of the Tamil web series, also the series of controversy, The Godman, even before the release of it saying it’s an attack on religion.

A Brahmin is someone who has all the knowledge and words of Upanishads and Vedas and just not a particular individual with a white thread. The web series makers have repeatedly said about the simple theme of the web series and that there was no intention of hurting anyone release religion through this. The web series was only and entertainment purpose.

GodMan Web Series Release Date

God Man Web Series 2020

The Godman web series release date was announced as 12 June 2020. But surprisingly as we come across a lot of controversial context, we see that this web series is not only pulled back by Zee5 but also banned in India, claiming that it has hurt the religious sentiments of the people all around.  The trailer still lingers on the Zee5 app says some, as a kind of memory to the ban of this half-launched web series.

GodMan Web Series Cast

The godman web series actors have worked hard for this web series. In this web series, we find Tamils some renowned actors like Jayaprakash, Tanya Desai, Daniel Balaji, and Sonia Agarwal. We also find them in the leading roles of this web series. The government web series actors are in lot of anxiety regarding the situations created due to this sudden fueled controversy.

GodMan Web Series Banned in India

God Man Web Series 2020

The Godman web series by famous director Babu has, has picked up a piece of controversy among some Brahmin welfare association and some Pro-Hindu groups that this web series have attacked the religious sentiments of the viewers. The flame of controversy takes a turn with the first episode of the web series starting with a dialogue that is highlighted as one of the hurting sentiments from the web series.

This might be a new web series that’s reflecting a Godman but there are a lot of movies that reflects a Godman with an unhealthy mind and some dark-spotted character. India bans this web series as it claims to have hurt the religious sentiments if some orthodox viewers. This is not the first case of the ban on this particular theme the society has to upgrade and learn to break the certain age-old notion.

The makers have been not given any opportunity to explain themselves regarding the matter of this web series has been heard. This is a simple story of money, power, and some stealing.

Godman as the very word means father (not as a parent), in India, has an honorable place in people’s hearts. They are accepted as someone near to God, and with whom nothing goes wrong, someone who’s always correct. The government web series actually portrayed a person as Godman and some actions that allegedly leads to the Fall of this web series as an attack on religion.

Thinking deep this web series is nothing like that says a lot of viewers, but there was no opportunity to review it back because this web series wasn’t even published properly before what came to be the outcome. Maybe some wishes to get an opportunity to see the web series and review it in their way, but alas the chances are no more. One can only be a part of this controversy.

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