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Being at home is quite boring and we want something to keep us engaged. The perfect way to keep yourself occupied during this quarantine; the perfect plan is to binge watch. Binge watching is the new trend and why not? So many web series and films are being released on Over the Top (OTT) platforms. I have the perfect web series for you all to binge watch this season. It is a new series called It Happened In Calcutta ALTBalaji is out now and is streaming exclusively on ALTBalaji as well as Zee5. Read on to find out our views about It Happened In Calcutta ALTBalaji.

It Happened In Calcutta ALTBalaji Review

It happened in Calcutta Review Society Mutter

It Happened In Calcutta ALTBalaji is a story about the journey of young love through tough times. The trailer of It Happened In Calcutta ALTBalaji web series is tempting and immediately holds the viewer its captive. Not providing snappy snippets, it actually takes the viewer through a short journey winding through college life and ending in a tragedy. But it poses a question at the end: is it really a tragedy? The story follows a young girl. Kusum, who is also the first female MBBS student of her college.

She meets Ronobir Chatterjee, the college President, who takes great delight in serenading the female population of the college. It Happened In Calcutta ALTBalaji web series is set in the 1960’s and 70’s of Calcutta. The backdrop is a very vivid instrument used as a catalyst to convey the storyline. 60’s in Calcutta was very interesting and revolutionary with female rights and rock music on the rise.

The genre of It Happened In Calcutta ALTBalaji web series is romantic drama. The romance between the two main leads is fresh and ripe with betrayal. The plot twists and tightens with background stuff happening. Cholera, the fatal disease that gripped the nation, takes the story forward as the emergency of the epidemic brings Kusum and Ronobir together again. The epidemic paired with the Indian – Pakistan war of 1971 is cleverly put in the background to keep the story propelling.

It happened in Calcutta Review Society Mutter

As for the romance part of the story, it is the same old story. Karan Kundra’s character Ronobir Chatterjee is the quintessential playboy Casanova while Naghma Rizwan’s character Kusum Ganguly is the inevitable intelligent nerd who has a firm policy of not falling for a man beneath her, does just that. The creators of It Happened In Calcutta web series ALTBalaji tried hard to make this repetitive idea of a love story interesting by adding the iconic era of the 60’s and 70’s of Calcutta but failed miserably.

The Calcutta shown in It Happened In Calcutta web series ALTBalaji is a poor imitation of the actual Calcutta at that time. The creators must realize that it takes more than just employing bell bottom pants and umbrella cut sleeves to reminisce such an iconic era. This article gives you the full information and our very own views as It Happened In Calcutta ALTBalaji review.

It Happened In Calcutta Cast

It happened in Calcutta Review Society Mutter

The cast of It Happened In Calcutta web series ALTBalaji consists of Karan Kundra playing the male lead called Ronobir Chatterjee. The new discovery Naghma Rizwan plays the female lead of the web series called Kusum Ganguly.

Karan Kundra who has garnered attention after being launched as the lead actor playing Arjun Punj in Ekta Kapoor’s daily serial Kitani Mohabbat Hai and for playing Arjun Singhania in the second season of the same serial. He has proven himself as the best in the art of playing a romantic Casanova who sweeps his female counterpart off her feet with wit and charm. Ronobir Chatterjee is a similar space for Kundra to work in.

Naghma Rizwan is Ekta Kapoor’s new discovery. We think she suits the role of the nerdy ambitious Kusum Ganguly perfectly with her delicate features and beautiful eyes.

In the supporting cast, we have Ivan Sylvester Rodrigues who is best known for his plays The Chairs. He has acted in several critically and commercially acclaimed movies like Zoya Akhtar’s Dil Dhadakne Do, Aditya Dhar’s Uri: A Surgical Strike and many more such movies. Ivan Sylvester Rodrigues play the role of Dr. Ranjan DasGupta.

The director of this web series is Ken Ghosh who has established his name in Bollywood by giving the Indian public films like Ishq Vishq, Fida and Dance pe Chance.

The web series is produced by Kunal Sharma.

The music score is settled by Harshwardhan Dixit.

It Happened In Calcutta cast seems like a mix and match of old and new talent. With the two lead actors trying their best to act like forlorn lovers in a forlorn “City of Joy” where war and an epidemic is raging on, one can’t help but take note of some unrealistic elements in the series. The direction seems unfulfilled making the actors seem lukewarm.

It Happened In Calcutta Release Date

It Happened In Calcutta release date was 29th of February, 2020. It was released on ALTBalaji right before Corona Virus Pandemic lockdown commenced in India.

It Happened In Calcutta web series ALTBalaji Imdb Review

It happened in Calcutta Review Society Mutter

It Happened In Calcutta web series ALTBalaji Imdb Review gives the new web series 8.5 stars out of 10. The first season of the series was released on 29th February 2020 in India and has 10 episodes in total. It states the basic storyline and plot and gives full information about the cast.

Our verdict on this ALTBalaji web series is that it is easily watchable. Sometimes you just need to watch something which is not heavy and doesn’t provoke nihilistic thoughts in your brain. It Happened In Calcutta is the perfect series to binge watch as it is light to watch. It is not a light romantic comedy but a light period drama with dramatic music filling in the gaps. You will get a dose of heady college romance as well as the kind of romance you get when you meet a past lover after a long time.

You will see the traumatic times when Cholera pushed India to realize how incompetent its medical resources are. And you will get the dramatic feel with the 1971 Indo – Pak war. It is a good series to binge on when you are free and wish to occupy your mind with something light. The actors try to do their best but often their acting suffices at just long hair, bell bottom pants and Bengali styled saris. We have now come to the end of our It Happened In Calcutta review. We hope you liked it!

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