Gone with the Wind HBO Controversy

Gone with the Wind, an English romantic drama, set against the dramatic scenario of the American Civil War, was published on 15th December 1939. It’s been a long time since it’s Publication till date. But recently we find a Gone with the Wind controversy. This Oscar-winning movie is a tale of love and loss, that moves around the plot of war and reconstruction. Directed by Victor Fleming and produced by David O. Selznick, had receive a great success, people loved this book by Margaret Mitchell and loved the movie, running for 223 minutes because it was a great movie of emotions.

However, the recent two waves of controversy, have struck hard the racial discrimination scenes in the movie especially after the incident of George Floyd when the whole world went to protest against the cops for such a heinous act against the black man. This movie Gone with the Wind covers slavery and adultery that suited the American society then.

Banning Gone with the Wind on HBO

Gone with the Wind HBO Controversy

This movie has got enormous profits since its publication. But now there are thoughts of banning Gone with the wind. The controversy took a step ahead with the racist incidents that were shown in the movie. Things went worse when the Orpheum Theatre officials decided to hold the showing of Gone with the Wind that consists of racial discrimination and also the present scenario is warmed up with George Floyds incident.

There is a certain setback with David O. Selznick, who produced the movie when HBO Max pull Gone with the Wind an American pay channel available worldwide. This channel has run Gone with the Wind several times but now HBO Max pulls Gone with the Wind. It is true that slavery and racial discrimination was wrong then and is wrong now as well, but the facts are not wrong, it is not imagination or sudden creation of such situations, slavery was there and black people are being discriminated till now.

Why Being Against the Racial Discrimination?

Gone with the Wind HBO Controversy

The world is standing against the racial discrimination and protesting against the cops that killed George Floyd. The World today stands together for justice, for equality and to ban movies like Gone with the Wind, that portrays slavery, racism and Happy slaves. The Civil War at that time created havoc among people for their survival, their existence.

Banning Gone with the Wind will actually be respectful for the fierce Irish-American writer, Margaret Mitchell, who had written this during the time of civil war that was relatable for that time period. It was a just scenario. The story is about a love affair of two young people amidst the Civil War. Upto this the viewers now, were convinced. But the problem arises when the movie gradually starts portraying happy slaves and issues like slavery, adultery, and theft. Common during that time.

Review of Gone with the Wind

Gone with the Wind HBO Controversy

Gone with the Wind was the first technicolor film by Hollywood but now banning Gone with the Wind is a big question. Had been the author present here she would be hating this so much. The movie then got an IMDb rating of 8.1 out of 10 but alas who knew the situations would turn this way where HBO pulls Gone with the Wind, HBO max pulls Gone with the Wind and there are thoughts about banning Gone with the Wind. A situation so hard to imagine.

There are many people who are saying it to be nostalgic about the cruel slavery in America. We have come across such slavery novels also, like Twenty years a slave, Uncle Tom’s cabin, and novels on racial discrimination like the Color purple. Such was the scenario during that time. There are a lot of losses among people. There was a complete mess all around. Slavery was one of the worst things that happened to the black people then.

Even after being a free man they were kidnapped and sold to White men in different parts of the country to work in their Masters plantations. The sad part of all these are, that people are still not moved on it seems, from the past that they acted wild and still try to dominate the black. No one now in this era of intellectualls and education, support racism because there is want of equality and encouragement towards feminism. we all are humans and we all want to be equal.

HBO Max pulls Gone with the Wind

Gone with the Wind HBO Controversy

Banning Gone with the Wind is not a solution according to some people because this movie was created quite a long time ago. A coincidence happened that resembles the George Floyd incident with the movie. Not supporting the ban on this movie, should not be portrayed as a support towards racism but as a support towards the beautiful story plot that has been forever favorite for many, irrespective of the social issues. HBO Max pulls Gone with the Wind to be a part of the protest against these racist incidents.

We all agree that racism towards black and white, Brown and fair, dark and yellow, husband cruel for a very long time the black the brown the dark skin coloured have been tortured used as leaves but this movie Gone with the Wind has just portrait the actual scenario during the American Civil War time which was the exact case of racism and slavery.

This, banning Gone with the Wind is a kind of protest towards the racism and the heinous act towards George Floyd and how he was killed by the cops. HBO Max pulls Gone with the Wind and explains that slavery and racism was bad, is bad and will be bad forever. Let’s all stand for equality and justice towards George Floyd and support the necessary steps towards the protest of racial discrimination.

Let all humans of all colours be same for the sake of humanity. Let know more racist incidents occur and let no one be the next George Floyd. We stand to be equal in all realms of life, in opportunity as well as in rights. We are born free and will die free.

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  1. Beautifully written, compresive and presice. Our society sets its bar on the kind of input its gets through media, the Cinemas thus play a major role. And what it did was normalised racism amongst people. The mass media content creators should be cautious of the message they are sending to the people.

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