Triple X 2 Web series Review in 2020

The web series has become the source of entertainment and to keep us busy in this extensive and novel virus breakdown. As we are at homes and web series, they have been our partners. Similar is another recent controversial web series which has become a burning question that is there in the series. So, talking about Triple X 2 ALTBalaji is an immense series dealing with the life of a successful plastic surgeon. The XXX 2 web series is streamed on ALTBalaji.

As the trailer of Ekta Kapoor web series has shown that Sanjay, the Plastic surgeon is rich and successful and his girlfriend, Priya. They are having a slight issue with their relationship and their relation seems to have a twist as there is the entry of another woman in her late 30s named, Pam. The Triple X 2 ALTBalaji is nowadays is in the utmost controversy. The highly adult-rated content and some objections of the people have made the series to almost go down. Ekta Kapoor web series 2020 has failed a big part for people and the content creators.

Triple X 2 Web Series Release Date

Triple X 2 Web series Review in 2020

The highly controversial Ekta Kapoor web series was released on 8th February 2020. The Triple X 2 ALTBalaji web series was seen on the ALTBalaji platform and was awaited by a lot of people. The series was awaited as Ekta Kapoor had made series that were related to the real-life and practical approach towards it. But this time the audience and critics were highly dejected by hr content.

Triple X 2 Web series release date was looked forward to by the audiences. Triple X 2 web series ALTBalaji is now going down due to its outraging content and negative content delivery towards the national values.

Triple X 2 ALTBalaji Web Series Cast

Triple X 2 Web series Review in 2020

The cast of the XXX2 webseries was:

  • Pratik Sehajpal
  • Paras Tomar
  • Thea D’suuza
  • Twinkle
  • Sumit Satija, and many more.

The cast has outstandingly done their job as they delivered what they got. But sometimes making a fictional drama it is not at all legit to showcase the national integrity in such negative sense.

Triple X 2 ALTBalaji Review

The web series has mocked the Indian Army and has insulted in his context. Also, there were some other outrageous comments on the Nation’s pride. The Triple X 2 ALTBalaji reviews are not great as the audiences didn’t like the content and that has landed the very famous, Ekta Kapoor into a lot of trouble. The complaint on Ekta Kapoor was lodged by the President of the Ex-Servicemen Association.

Controversy has not only dealt the producer Ekta Kapoor into trouble but has got adverse ratings from the critics. Triple X 2 web series ALTBalaji IMDb has rated the series badly rated the web series. Also, the fact, that the review from other platforms is also not good. One really small depiction of violating content has put the series into immense trouble.

Triple X 2 Web Series ALTBalaji Controversy

Triple X 2 Web series Review in 2020

The very famous Triple X 2 ALTBalaji web series has been landed into great criticizing and also into the bad reputation of the cast of Triple X 2 web series ALTBalaji. The FIR is not only on the producer, Ekta Kapoor but also on two other people of the crew. They have simply stated that the web series is provoking and hurting the religious sentiments of the people. Also, that it is showcasing insults to the National Emblems. There are also Sections 294 and 298 applied to the three of them.

It means they have done obscenity ad hurt the religious sentiments of the people. And disrespecting the nation on national emblems or the army protecting is not at all done. For the same, she has apologized to the public and the series of XXX 2 web series went down completely. She has also stated that the series has deleted all the violating scenes. She has removed all the content like the objectionable scene of the army man’s wife having an affair with a man in the absence of her husband.

She also confessed that all the scenes of Triple X 2 ALTBalaji web series were done by mistake. And they did not have any intentions disrespect to the national things. Ekta Kapoor Web series 2020 has come famous in terms of controversy by the very famous YouTuber, Vikas Pathak. This also landed putting the whole series affected and also leading to the twitter hashtags of ALTBalaji Insults Army which has made it a national issue.

Also, the extensive trolling and criticizing of the series made a real downfall of the same. Triple X 2 ALTBalaji review has been negative and has led to the infusing hatred for such content and characters playing the role. 

XXX Web Series

Triple X 2 Web series Review in 2020

The XXX web series came in 2018 and was a Hindi comic-drama genre. It has six episodes in all. The XXX 2 web series have 5 episodes and the limit or duration of every web series is around 20 to 25 minutes. The episodes or the series deals with five different short stories that revolve around different aspects of relationships showing mostly the sexual relationships. This objectionable web series has now been put up and now all their heinous content has been eliminated.

Lastly, you need to know what to watch and that does not hurt the sentiments of any, religion, caste, creed, sex, community, or any other aspect of life. The Triple X 2 ALTBalaji web series has somewhere hurt the sentiments of the people and has hurt the national sentiments of the people. The audience must know who it is better to watch. As the children who are having the phones can access anything.

Ekta Kapoor Web series 2020 has put the audience’s expectations badly and hence the series was not liked by people. The best part of web series that they must relate to people’s life but if the content is not cool it must be reported. Let’s see now what happens with the further Ekta Kapoor Web series.

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