The Family Man 2 Web Series Upcoming News in 2020

Once upon a time, there lived a family on a sphere full of hopes, dreams, and imagination. Somewhere, we are going to look something like The Family Man. There also existed mischief, evil, and ignorance but that is a story for another time.

So where were we, oh yes India was the perfect bubbly family where mom loved her daily soaps full of extravagance and revolving around opulent families, dad watched cricket and nothing else, Devi was the teenager she loved teenage dramas and larger than life Bollywood movies, last but not the least Chintu watched CID all day long. Enter into picture a big bad wolf named coronavirus and to save them from him, India was forced to stay inside within the comfort and protection of their home.

These times were tough and full of hardships. What to do at home when there is nowhere to go and it has been months since you stepped out. The days all became monotonous and the night’s worse, without the stars of the sky. One fine day things took a turn for the better, India was sitting on their couch doing nothing when they finally decided to give amazon prime video a chance, and oh boy he didn’t disappoint.

The family scrolled through hundreds of shows before they came across “The Family Man” by Raj Nidimoru and Krishna D.K. They started streaming the show and there was no looking back. 

Why to Watch The Family Man 2?

The Family Man 2 Web Series Upcoming News in 2020

Jump into the present day back to our lives, Amazon Prime’s “The Family Man” had managed to create not just ripples but rather waves throughout the industry. It was a mirror reflection of a middle-class man trying to make a life for himself, carrying not only his dreams but his family’s as well.

The show brought to us the various phases of a relationship between a husband and his wife, a father’s relationship with his children, how family works and most of all along with all this how a middle-class person tried to juggle between his work where he fought terrorism, keeping the country safe and his family life, keeping his family oblivious of his job. Ever since the release of the show’s pilot season, fans have been waiting for The Family Man 2 Amazon Prime.

This review of Amazon Prime’s The Family Man season 2 is going to be a roller-coaster through facts, speculations, and how this show is one of the forerunners of a digital movement that transcends all differences. 

Reality Check of The Family Man Web Series

The Family Man 2 Web Series Upcoming News in 2020

What we know for sure is that Manoj Bajpayee, Priyamani, Sharib Hashmi, Mehek Thakur, Vedant Sinha, and the whole cast of The Family Man would be returning for Amazon Prime’s The Family Man 2. The newest addition to The Family Man 2 web series is Samantha Akkineni. She is an established and promising actor of the South Indian film industry and we can’t wait to see what does she brings to this already sincere amalgamation of actors. 

The Family Man 2 web series’ release date has been heavily guarded up to this moment but the Family Man web series is speculated to hit the platform in October this year. There have been no official announcements about The Family Man 2 web series’ release date yet if Raj and D.K. are reading this, a shout out from the fans, please tell us and put us out of misery.

Although they have been open about the production process and have been quoted saying it takes around four months to complete the sound, background score creation, graphics, and VFX work. The show has to be also compiled with subtitles for countries where Hindi isn’t the first language. The Family Man 2 web series won’t be viewed just in India, rather the show’s pilot season picked up a global audience. 

Road Ahead in the Web Series Industry

The Family Man 2 Web Series Upcoming News in 2020

With all plans of 2020 swamped and dusted due to coronavirus, OTT streaming services have picked up a business around the globe. The family Man web series’ lead actor Manoj Bajpayee who plays Srikanth Tiwari in the series agreed with the same. With people being confined to their couch, the stories provided at these online platforms are all the entertainment we have and we’ll need to sustain through this adversity.

With these OTT services picking up business, Indians have seemed to realize that they offer something for everyone in this country regardless of how different we all are and unique in our own ways. India, a county that had been light-years away from binge-watch culture is now leading the way to top. No one has been spared from this movement, from our moms and our nanis to the smallest of the family; everyone has something to binge-watch.

It’s not just millennials anymore; it is the whole country and shows like Amazon Prime’s The Family Man 2 ready to hit the platform there is no stopping this country. Indigenous shows like The Family Man, Mirzapur, and Breathe are few of many that are leading this movement due to their familiarity and diverse casts. 

The Family Man 2 web series IMDb Rating

The Family Man 2 Web Series Upcoming News in 2020

The first season of The Family Man earned a rating of 8.6/10. If the production team wants The Family Man 2 web series Imdb Rating to be anywhere near that they have a lot to keep in mind. The Family man was a bubble of emotions protecting the hard-core content of this series, this country loves emotions.

They managed to keep a perfect balance between stories running unparalleled in the show, from Srikanth’s family to Kareem’s fight against communal violence to Operation Zulfikar. Also, people loved the mundane scenes between Srikanth and his kids, where the drive to and from the school, the mischief that glints in Atharv’s eyes to the scene where the family enjoys themselves at the mall. The Family Man made us believe in spies with its very middle-class and ordinary spy. 

The family Man showed us that we are all clowns and life is equivalent to the trick of juggling, here we juggle our roles and different stories to maintain a perfect synchronization, one role, or ball out of pace and it all comes crashing down. In the end, the fans along with us would be waiting painstakingly for season 2 and we have very high expectations for this series.

Stay Tuned for Amazon Prime’s The Family Man 2 review that we publish after the release, till then hold your breath. Let us know in the comments what are you rooting for to happen and what are your speculations.  

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