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The United States of America is located in Central North America sandwiched between Canada and Mexico. It consists of forty-eight states and the national language spoken in primarily English. The US is known for many things. It is rich in art and culture catering to a mixed and diverse population. Predominantly a white nation, one can find plenty of African Americans, Asians and even Europeans among the blend. It is the third largest country offering many options for people who are planning to shift there.

With varying climates and terrains one can easily choose the natural environment that suits the individual the most. The South climate is usually warm and moderate filled with lots of sun and humidity. Winter here is pleasant with rare or no snowfall. The West consists of rocky and uneven terrain. If you love mountains and hills, this is your ticket. Winter is harsh here with lots of snowstorms and chilly winds. The Northeast side of America experiences all four weathers completely. Fall here is a beautiful view. The Northwest side of America is a business hotspot with Washington being the king. The weather can range from moderate to extreme with rainy season prevailing the most.

Let’s see the most dangerous states of the United States of America.

St Louis

St. Louis Highest Crime Rate

St Louis is situated in the state of Missouri beside Illinois bordered by the Mississippi River. It was founded in 1764 by a couple of French traders and has been named after Louis IX of France. As of the latest consensus it has reported the highest crime rate of 78% per thousand citizens in the country. There have been 5,527 violent crimes and 18,205 property crimes recorded in the city of St Louis.  


Detroit is the largest city of the state of Michigan. It is home to a very advance automobile industry with General Motor, Fiat Chrysler and Ford headquarters. It is a big repository of art and culture and has played a huge role in the spreading of music genres like jazz, hip hop and rock music. It was founded in 1701 by the French. The crime rate in Detroit has been out of control since the 70s. With hiking homicide and murder rate in the city, it has been ranked right after St Louis in our list of most dangerous cities of America.


Highest Crime Rate

Memphis is situated in the state of Tennessee along the Mississippi River. It was first discovered in 1541 but modern Memphis was founded in 1819. You might know Memphis as the place where the great Martin Luther King Jr, was assassinated. Memphis is also famous for its World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest. Even though Memphis is dealing with a rise in homicide rate and other such violent crimes, it has been noted that these crimes are concentrated to particular regions of the city. Downtown Memphis is generally safe.


Milwaukee is known to be the largest city in the state of Wisconsin. It is attached to the beautiful Lake Michigan which provides it with a breath-taking skyline view. Milwaukee was first discovered when a French-Canadian traveller settled there in 1818. It was labelled as “The Coolest City in the Midwest” by Vogue Magazine in the year 2018. The only downside of this beautiful city is the raging crime. The number of violent crimes like homicide, rape, murder etc are higher than their national average equivalent.


Highest Crime Rate

Baltimore is the most populated city in the state of Maryland. It has significant connections to Washington and is home to a more service oriented occupational centre. It is also known as the famous neighbourhood because of the elite existence of famous figures like Edgar Allen Poe, Tom Clancy, Jada Pinkett, John Waters and many more. Baltimore is a growing city, but it witnesses a very high rate of crime. Violent crimes and property crimes are prevalent. Authorities have notes that these crimes usually take place in poverty-stricken areas of the city.


Oakland is the largest city in Alameda County of California with major ports. Its fertile land has encouraged widespread agricultural activities. The city’s crime rate has spiked and bowed during recent decades but what seems to be the major concern is the spiking rate of gun crime essentially traced in the less developed and poverty ridden area of Oakland.

Kansas City

Kansas City was founded in the 1830s and is known to be the largest city of the state of Missouri. It is composed of prolific neighbourhoods and is rich in theatre, music and cuisine culture. Kansas City has been at the forefront of crime rages and has improved drastically especially the downtown and midtown regions. The main concern is the lower East side of the city where crime rate is rising.


Stockton was first discovered in 1849 by Captain Charles Maria Weber. It is situated in the Central Valley of the state of California. It is home to the oldest city of the city known as The University of the Pacific. Stockton has recorded a crime rate of 52% per one thousand citizens and has been known for its violent crimes. 


The City of Cleveland is situated in the American state of Ohio. This port city was founded in 1796 and is famous for its natural reserves. It is famously known as “The Forest City”. It is also known for its high crime rate of 59% per one thousand citizens.


Highest Crime Rate

Indy or Indianapolis is the state capital of Indiana. It is often called the sports hub of the country because of amateur sports and auto racing industries. It is home to the famous Indiana Pacers of the NBA and the Indianapolis Colts of the NFL. The crime rate is on a dangerous increase in this city due to substance abuse, poverty and easy access to weapons and firearms.

As a coin has two sides, so does a country. Everything cannot be all fairy tale like and peaceful all the time. Apart from international threats and disruptions, internal affairs are perturbed by crimes committed by the country’s citizens. Right from drunk and disorderly behaviour to rape and homicides, a country as densely populated as the United States of America has got it all.

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