Cinque Terre is a beautiful and centuries-old city in Italy. It is known for its colourful buildings and rugged Italian coastline with some great places for hiking and visiting. The native Italians also visit this place in summer and during that time the human population there is overwhelming. The places to visit in Cinque Terre are both beautiful and exciting, and the picturesque villages let you experience a simple yet serene life.

The city has splendid architecture and monuments with colourful houses and great cuisine. You can visit this city during your time in Italy and the splendid views are sure to make you fall for Cinque Terre. A well-planned journey with the right people could make this trip the best one of your life.

Places to Visit in Cinque Terre

The best places to visit at Cinque Terre are the five villages most of which were unknown until 1960 due to its difficult location. But today it is known and visited by many tourists who come here in search of a unique experience.

1. Monterosso al mare 

It is the largest town among the five villages and contains only one sizable beach. It also has a Torre aurora to protect the village from pirate attack, but today it has become a tourist spot and people visit there.

2. Vernazza

This is prettiest of five villages with colourful houses, Veranazza is found between a rocky cliff. Everything spills into a little piazza. There is also a round tower and few Genoese fortification walls as a reminder of the Pisa war.

3. Corniglia

This village is without any harbor and it is the only village of this kind in the place. People climb up to get a view of the San Pietro church which is a good example of a gothic style architecture and unique interior design.

4. Manarola

Manarola has 1338 gothic churches of Nativita di Maria along with beautiful roses of Carrara marble and a lot of lights on Christmas.

5. Riomaggiore

It is a place on the eastern end of Cinque Terre and an easily accessible town. It first came to the attention of Telemaco Signorini, an Italian artist and you can visit this city for viewing the exotic wildlife of the sanctuary of Madonna di monterro.

Summer is the best time to visit Cinque Terre especially March and May and June-August because in March and May, temperature and accommodation rate start drifting up. Spring sees some rain and it is a good opportunity for hikers as you can see blossoming flowers during your hike. While in this month, lemon festival takes place but during June to August, the weather becomes dazzling and people from the world go there to enjoy a dry and warm climate along with the many amazing festivals in this period like a day of Lorenzo, day of san Pietro etc.

Things to do in Cinque Terre

When you visit a country or place there are many times when you forget something which you decided. So, for this you can make a to-do list for your trip or at least save this article as a to-do list so when you visit you can’t forget important points.

1. Hike in Cinque Terra

When you visit Cinque Terre, forget about cars and transport the only transport is a train but if you want to have a beautiful look of the place and scenes then hiking is the best option. The sights are astonishing and there are cool places between trails specially at Corniligia. It is also best for your health but if you don’t have much walking experience drop the plan and take a train.

But also check trail before going because many times some trails are closed and you might want to avoid disappointment. So, check before going.

2. View of Santuario di nostra

This place is high above on Riomaggiore and it is a favourite viewpoint of many tourists. There you can enjoy the most beautiful view but remember to take a few bottles during with you because, under the hot summer sun, the walk can be really tiring.

3. Explore Portovenere

It is not technically a village of Cinque Terre but nevertheless has been declared as a heritage site by UNESCO. There, if you visit on a Monday you can check out the small but bustling local market which takes place in the center of the city and also enjoy some festivals in the month of August.

4. Nessun Dorma

If you are a foodie or food blogger this place is made for you. This place is full amazing dishes and unique cuisines, so make some time to check out this heaven for foodies.

5. Take a boat ride

The best method to give your leg a good rest after a heavy day of walking is by going on the boat and if you are on Monterosso al Mare and there are only a few people in one boat which make the trips easy and comfortable.

Places to Stay in Cinque Terre

You can visit many hotels in Cinque Terre depending on your choice. If you want to enjoy nightlife, you can visit Riomaggiore while you can also visit the Hanging Garden hotel for best street food. Your wish to live near a beach can be fulfilled at the Tanca hotel. These are few of the best hotels in Cinque Terre.

The Snap Zone

There are many favourite tourist spots or places where you can take your photo for Instagram or Facebook. In an era of social media without taking a good selfie or photo your visit can’t be complete. So, here are a few good places to take your photos

The walking trail between Monterosso and Vernazza is a good spot for a photo where you can get a view of the beach and the city in your click. You can also take a good photo between Manarola and Corniglia walking trail which is excellent for sightseeing.

Cinque Terre Nightlife

While, the nightlife in a small village based city like Cinque Terre is minimal, there are a few good places. The only town which has a little nightlife or open bars at night and sometimes during weekends are Monterosso but if you want to take evening entertainment then visit Levanto, la Spezia, Sestr Levante.

So, during your visit to five towns of Cinque Terre, you can visit the most beautiful places here and explore your hiking skills along with tasting delicious seafood and enjoying some good festival in summers.

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