Today 7th April 2020 is the day of global health awareness celebrated each year by WHO, known as World Health Day 2020. In the light of recent events of the pandemic, our health heroes working at the high risk to save lives and helping all they can for the sick and ill. WHO has dedicated the World Health Day theme 2020 to appreciate the work of nurses and midwives. It is a day to remind the world leaders of their responsibility to overlook the health care facility of society and improve it.

When was the first Health Day celebrated?

In the First World Health Assembly of 1948 held by WHO, the day of its foundation was decided to be celebrated each year from 1950 on the day of 7th April as World Health Day. It was aimed to encourage the world and increase their concern towards the global health situation and the development of policies to improve the quality of life.

Each year WHO has strived in bettering the health conditions and create health awareness internationally. It has proposed and funded hundreds of initiatives and programs to build a healthy global society. Every year they dedicate the celebration to achieve a goal. They have worked tirelessly to unite people at the international level and aware of all communities on various aspects of health such as food safety, depression, diabetes, climate change, road safety, and whatnot. Though this International Year of the Nurse – 2020, it has again come again to support and highlight the importance of nurses and midwives around the world. Without nursing, in the health care system, the entire family will fall and no response on any front and services will be possible.

It is a year and step to appreciate and support them and create policies in their interests because without them achieving the international and national health targets in inconceivable. We need to strengthen them morally, financially and through all possible aspects so that universal health coverage is possible and we reach the summit where everyone and everywhere the required healthcare service is available.

Importance of Health Day

Some key facts we should look into today when celebrating World Health Day 2020

  • More than 70% of the global health and social workforce is contributed by women. And nursing is a major sector where they are involved.
  • Nurses and midwives are the most important key during any health crisis or situations of outbreaks. They are primary people who take care of the patients and the affected.
  • It is high time for having huge numbers of well trained and educated nurses and midwives with a salary and value equal to the quality of services they provide. It is a major factor that will help us realize our global health goals and move towards an away and healthy international society.
  • They are an indispensable part of any emergency situation as they know what is traditionally and culturally appropriate practices in different communities. We need to involve them more to develop the complete picture of trust between nurses and the patients.
  • There is a critical need to invest in midwives involved in family planning, maternal care, and newborn health as their involvement statistically alerts up to 80% of neonatal and maternal deaths. More than about a quarter of preterm births can be prevented when they are involved in overlooking a pregnancy.
  • Many countries need to improve the working environment for nurses and ensure their rights and safety. They should be respected equally with any other health care professionals.

WHO aims to improve the conditions of nursing and support the nurses and midwives by different investment aspects. There is a need to speed up the investments and conditions of education provided to the nurses and midwives. We need to produce more able and specialist nurses globally and engage with them to enhance health services. The leadership skills of the nurses and midwives need to invest and employed to accelerate the growth of the health sector. There is a need to protect the rights and respect the nurses and midwives as they have the central role in the basic health facilities and amenities. We need to support them constantly through thick and thin to encourage them in delivering services to the public for a healthy global society.

Importance of World Health Day 2020

Nurses and midwives are the heart of the primary health care and are standing with all other health workers to ensure our safety in the fight against COVID- 19 at the frontlines.

So it is our duty to value their work and effort and respect their services. We need as public to share our concerns to support the nursing sector to those who can develop policies in their favor. We need to publicize their importance and file petitions to protect their rights and value their provided aids.

We all need to support them by helping them do their jobs perfectly, now mostly by staying at homes and following all the social distancing and quarantine advisors. In this pandemic, the best we all can do is follow all public health advice and guidelines carefully to not spread the disease.

So this World Health Day, 2020 let’s all support nurses and midwives.

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