Sapna Vyas Patel is one of the most well known fitness trainers on India and is and Indian Female Fitness Icon. She is a fitness trainer, nutritional expert, model and also a YouTube blogger.

Fitness and wellness have become a very essential part of our lives, especially because of an increasing impact of social media and everyone taking pictures everywhere at all times, we have become more and more conscious about our out fitness, be it for getting in the right shape, for peace of mind or simply for staying healthy. There has also been a wave of newer diets that have conclusively taken their places in our daily routines and due to a rapid increase in lifestyle diseases and unexpected body issues, fitness is an important priority for us, for many important reasons.

Sapna Vyas has been an icon of fitness in our country and different social media platforms all over and she is famous for her commitment and intense dedication towards her goals and objectives. She is known for her major weight transformation when she lost 33 kg in one year, without using any pills or medication, only with her strong will and well planned fitness training module.

Background and Early Life of Sapna Vyas

Sapna has driven many youngsters and fitness freaks towards maintaining their bodies and staying fit. Born in  Ahmedabad, Gujarat in the year 1989, she is popular figure in the fitness world and also known for her sessions on YouTube and her endless hard work and dedication. She is famous for bringing a wave of inspiration to everyone and motivated people to become fitness freaks.

She has been certified as a Fitness Trainer and professional and is also pursuing a PhD in Nutritional Science. She is the daughter of former Health Minister of Gujarat, Jay Narayan Vyas and this fitness freak rose to her fame through Instagram and other social media platforms when she lost 33 kg in a year and left everyone awestruck. She studied in the St. Xavier’s College in Ahmedabad and completed her MBA from Nirma University

Current Life of Sapna Vyas

Sapna vyas

Apart from being a trained fitness professional and a PhD student of nutritional sciences, she is a nutritional expert, a YouTube sensation and also a motivational speaker, who pushes her followers to move out of their comfort zones and work harder everyday to achieve the body they wish for. During this quarantine period, when the whole country is under lock down, she has not disappointed her fans and followers. She is keeping everyone engaged by making videos from home about losing weight at home, exercises and techniques for home workout and suggesting better diets and way to burn fat.

She has a running You Tube channel with the handle @SapnaVyas where she has more than 329,000 subscribers, where she keeps posting videos for workouts, ways to control diet, ways to burn fat and much more.

A few years before she started breaking fitness records and inspiring thousands of people every day, she used to weigh about 80 kg and she completely transformed herself by losing almost half her then weight and gain wide appraisal and appreciation from followers everywhere. Sapna Vyas, a fitness trainer, is also an ACE Certified Weight Management Specialist, also called as ACE Certified Health Coach.

She also conducts motivational speeches, seminars and conferences to spread her belief in the importance of staying fit and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. She is a strong advocate of adopting healthy eating and practices to live a good life. Sapna also conducts live sessions and question answer sessions on her Instagram account. Some time ago, she was recognized and felicitated by the Times of India for her dedication, hard work and contribution to the field of health, fitness and wellness. Apart from working out in the gym, she is also a big fan of mountain climbing and also enjoys swimming and sprinting as hobbies.

Here are some Fitness Tips from the famous Trainer Sapna:

  1. Drink lots of green tea on a regular basis to cleanse your system from toxins
  2. Do not smoke and try to avoid alcohol as it does a lot of damage to your system
  3. Avoid eating after 7 in the evening and try to have lighter meals in the evening
  4. Take a walk for at least an hour every day
  5. Stay away from consuming red meat
  6. Prefer eating dry fruits during snack time instead of unhealthy munchies

She also suggests everyone to plan their meals in advance so that they do not eat unnecessary filler meals and have proper, full, healthy meal. She has always been about her journey of body weight transition of different media but has managed to keep her personal life pretty life. There are still rumours about who she’s been involved with romantically or whether she is married or not, since she uses two surnames.

Sapna Vyas, the well known has always been motivating people to move out of their comfort zones and break all records that they thought they had set for themselves. She believes in living a healthy lifestyle, but not at the cost of depriving her body of important nutrients and essential supplements in the name of fancy diets or supplement intake. She advises eating fuller, more balanced meals with vital proportions of all the necessary vitamins and other nutrients such as proteins, fats and carbs. It is advisable to let go of sugar. It is not only about the body that undergoes transformation when one is working out, burning calories at a gym. It also requires a person to be dedicated and headstrong which comes from their inner will. Thus, working out is both, a physical and mental exercise. In today’s current scenario, when most of us are stuck at home during lock down with a lot of free time at our disposal, people like Sapna Vyas are pushing us to get out of our beds and start working out from home because it is never too late to start


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