Popularly known for its football, Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia and is the second-largest city in Spain. The city life in Barcelona is one great fiesta and tourists are bound to have a gala time in this colourful city. There are tons of places to visit in Barcelona, from exploring beaches to witnessing the grand cultural structures, the city has it all. Similar to other popular tourist destinations in Europe, Barcelona too shares its borders with the Mediterranean Sea, making the climate there warm and humid. The best time to visit Barcelona would be the April- May period, when the temperatures are bearable and the city hosts the cool summer breeze. 

Things to do in Barcelona

1. Visit Sagrada Familia

There is no better way to start your tour of Barcelona than visiting the Sagrada Familia. Encompassing all major aspects of Barcelona architecture and heritage, the unfinished building is humongous and a must-visit for everyone. The Sagrada Familia was designed by Antoni Gaudi back in the 19th Century. A combination of several architectural styles, the Sagrada Familia has a tendency to leave its viewers open-mouthed. What’s fascinating is that the building is still under construction with an expected completion day somewhere in 2026! 

2. Witness Cathedral de Barcelona

A religious building of great significance, the Cathedral de Barcelona gives us one of the largest Gothic temples in the country. While it does not possess the grandeur of the Sagrada Familia, the stories connected to the place are truly scintillating. The architecture inside is enough to make people of all ages gape. The monument also has a short elevator ride that gives you a bird’s eye view of the whole city.

3. Go for a swim in the city beaches

Like most another popular European city, Barcelona too has a range of amazing beaches for you to relax and have a swim. It’s an hour-long walk from the heart of the city, but it’s a walk worth taking. The route helps you understand the city much better. Once at the beach, expect a huge crowd, but if you walk along the waterfront of the Olympic Port, you’ll find much quieter places.

4. Check out Camp Nou

If you are a football fan, this is perhaps the only place you want to visit. The Camp Nou stadium has been the home ground of FC Barcelona since 1957. The stadium is massive, with a seating capacity of 99,000. Football accounts for a major section of tourism in Barcelona and the city is extremely proud of its football club. The stadium is enough to enchant you even if you possess no affiliation to the La Liga and Barcelona. But for the Barca fans out there, Camp Nou is no less than heaven. You get to check out all the trophies and memorabilia of one of the most popular clubs in the world.

5. Marvel the El Palau de la Música Catalana

One of the many UNESCO world heritage sites in the city, the El Palau de la Música Catalana (Palace of Catalan Music) is a truly breathtaking site. The palace was designed by Luís Domenech who happens to be a contemporary of the famed architect Antoni Gaudi. The palace is an amphitheater with bright vivid colours on the windows of its ceilings. One truly feels spectacular in this massive palace, making it one of the most popular tourist attractions in Barcelona.

6. Stroll through the Las Rambles

The Las Rambles is a wide and green street that stretches from Port Vell and continues till Plaça de Catalunya. The 1.2 km walk is bustling with street performances leaving no room for dullness. Exit at 8th-story mirador at Columbus Monument if you want to have a taste of some good old Barcelona sightseeing. The street is also filled with human statues, so don’t freak out if you see Galileo Galilei pouting with you in your selfie.

7. Trod along the Barri Gotic

A trip to Barcelona would be incomplete without witnessing the rich Gothic architecture the city holds. The Barri Gotic is the ideal place to get a good look of the city’s various styles of architecture and is one of the most popular Barcelona tourist spots. Apart from this, the Gotic is also home to some of the finest homemade artifacts in the city. Head down there to get hold of souvenirs for friends and family.

Barcelona Nightlife

Barcelona is the perfect place to party after a long day of sightseeing. Here are the top places for you to enjoy your nightlife at Barcelona

1. Sala Apolo

Sala Apolo is one of the biggest clubs in Barcelona and what’s interesting is that it gives you reason to look forward to a Monday. The club hosts one of the biggest parties in the city, every Monday named the Nasty Mondays. It’s the perfect way to end your Monday in Barcelona.

2. Champagne sunset tour

If you are not a party animal and want to end the day peacefully along with a drink, the Champagne sunset tour is the best option out there. It’s a great place to meet other solo travelers and enjoy the sunset on a yacht.

3. Epic Party Boat

The Epic party boat as the name suggests is an epic party that happens on a boat! This party is for you if you want to do something unconventional and adventurous. Be careful not the get seasick with all the alcohol and partying.

Places to stay in Barcelona, Spain

In a massive city like Barcelona, finding accommodation could be difficult. Here is a list of the top hotels in Barcelona to make your stay comfortable.

1. Casa Fuster Hotel

The fanciest Hotel in town, Casa Fuster Hotel is the perfect choice for people willing to spend more money for the perfect stay. It is centrally located with great service and dining options.

2. H10 Cubik

It is a 4-star hotel, located in the main section of Via Laietana. The hotel has a peaceful interior with stunning design. 200 meters away from the El Palau de la Música Catalana, the H10 Cubik acts as a great stay with affordable prices.

3. Little Beach House

Want to stay away from the hustling city life, head over to the Little beach house, a 20-minute drive from Barcelona. The hotel gives you an amazing ocean view topped off with a spa and a rooftop bar.

From architectural marvels to crazy partying, Barcelona has it all. A perfect place to spend your summer with your friends and loved ones. There are innumerable amazing places to visit in Barcelona so don’t restrict yourself to the list. Perfect for all kinds of visits, Barcelona never ceases to surprise its tourists. Head down to the pink city of Spain and enjoy one of the most memorable trips of your life.

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