The second biggest city in Sweden, Gothenburg is known for its amazing seafood, world class restaurants and dense forests. The city has the reputation of the greenest city in the world and has the highest sustainability index of any city on the planet. There are innumerable places to visit in Gothenburg, most of which are natural landscapes. The city also boasts a cool and cozy climate throughout the year. If you are planning a trip to this gem in Sweden, try going in the April- May season as the weather is a bit warmer. But if you don’t mind the cold and are willing to witness some breathtaking snowfalls, December to March becomes the best time to visit Gothenburg.

Things to do in Gothenburg

1. Stroll around Slottsskogen

Slottsskogen is a park and mini zoo located in the heart of Gothenburg that gives you a natural experience unlike any other in the world. An extremely family-friendly place, Slottsskogen has a wide variety of wildlife ranging from seals and penguins to moose and dear. The Gothenburg Museum of Natural History has amazing statues and life-size figures of animal species from around the world.

2. Enjoy at Liseberg

Scandinavia’s largest amusement park, Liseberg is the perfect way to spend the day with your family. Established in 1923, the park has an impressive array of joyrides and adventures. Visit Liseberg in October and enjoy the popular Halloween themed rides. The Christmas themed celebrations from November onwards make Liseberg one of the most popular Gothenburg tourist spots.

3. Visit the Gothenburg Archipelago 

Just an hour-long drive away from the city, lies the beautiful Gothenburg Archipelago. Filled with comfy villages, exotic beaches and staggering sceneries, the Archipelago is ideal for you to get a taste of the village lifestyle. There are small villages with a population of around 1400 people allowing you to enjoy the exquisite way of life in privacy.

4. Check out the Gothenburg Museum of art

One of the biggest tourist attractions in Gothenburg, the Gothenburg museum of art is a stunning collection of European artworks dating back to the 14th century. The 19th century art collection of the Museum truly stands out with drawings of famed artists such as Bruno Liljefors and Anders Zorn.

5. Walk around the Haga neighbourhood

The perfect way to experience Swedish life is by having a walk around the cute little Haga neighbourhood. An intricate and flawless layout of houses and cafes, the area is perfect for you to get the Gothenburg sightseeing experience free of cost. The cafes and food joints offer exclusive Swedish dishes and it is a great place to just relax with your family.

6. Trod around the Feskekörka Fish Market

If you mistake this fish market for a church, don’t worry you are not alone. Gothenburg is world famous for its sea food and Feskekörka is the perfect place for you to try to it. The beautiful design of the building, masks the stench of the thousands o fish that are sold there. There are also excellent restaurants in close proximity of the market, providing the finest sea food in the world.

Gothenburg Nightlife

1. Avenyn Boulevard

Nightlife in this street is always bustling and is one of the best places to observe the rich nightlife of Gothenburg. Home to popular bars and clubs, the venue has hosted several major concerts and performances over the years.

2. Hey its Enrico Pallazzo

If you are not in the mood to party and instead want to listen to some live music, head down to Hey its Enrico Pallazzo. The quirky and catchy name attracts a lot of interested tourists and it is safe to say that they are not disappointed. The Pallazzo has the finest live music in the city.

3. Atlante Theatre

In the mood for some drama, the Atlante theatre is the right place for you. Consisting of a variety of activities, the theatre never ceases to amaze. From Theatre to music to dance and debate, it’s the perfect place for you if you are in the mood to be surprised.

4. Nefertiti Jazz Club

The Nefertiti Jazz Club is live music stage that later transforms into a wild party. The evening usually begins with some soft jazz music and as the night progresses the jazz turns into Indie and hip hop. The ideal place for you to relax and dance like crazy once the alcohol kicks in.

Places to stay in Gothenburg, Sweden

1. Upper House

If you are looking for a luxurious stay in a 5-star hotel, then the Upper House is for you. Right next to the city center, the Hotel allows easy transport to nearby tourist locations. The service there is extremely efficient and restaurants are world class.

2. Avalon Hotel

Avalon Hotel is one of the best hotels in Gothenburg in terms of service, location affordability and hospitality. Located just 800 meters away from the Gothenburg Central station, the Hotel is the perfect stay for an extremely affordable price.

3. Kviberg Park Hotel

This hotel is ideal for you if you are planning a long stay and want a comfortable place to live at a cheap price. Close to both the airport and the central station, Kviberg is the ideal for people visiting with families. The service and facilities are amazing in spite of the low prices.

4. Hotel Royal Gothenburg

Hotel Royal is the hotel for you to meet your ‘just right’ needs. The hotel is centrally located and provides astonishing service for an affordable price. The bar and lounge are lavish for a low budget and the overall stay is extremely comfortable.

Gothenburg is the perfect location for you if you want to get away from the city life and want to live like a Swedish villager. The beautiful environment of Gothenburg is enough to make anyone want to stay there longer. The splendid collection of museums along with the amusement park and the archipelago make Gothenburg the perfect destination for you to visit with children and family.

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