Europe is a continent known for its diverse language and culture. It is a dream destination for many people and one of the best places to visit like Berlin, Paris, and Lisbon. Lisbon is a capital city of Portugal, and it is a beautiful city located at the coastal area of Portugal with rich of cultural heritage and historical architecture instead of this there are several beautiful mountain and nature where any person can visit, and the shining colour and unique style of housing also attract people around the world with its delicious food especially sweets Lisbon gave sweet memories to its visitors.

However, there is much time when people don’t know where to explore in Lisbon and end up missing important places of Lisbon with regret for life so be ready to know about a little about Lisbon. So, when you travel this marvellous city you never regret that you miss something that’s why we tell you about when you in Lisbon places you visit in Lisbon as well as you can also explore nearby places from Lisbon as a day tour.

Places to Visit from Lisbon

When people visit Portugal, they mostly travel Lisbon and doesn’t travel its nearby areas due to strangeness and miss their most day spending on Lisbon, so if you travel there for a week then you should visit nearby areas from Lisbon here are three nearby places you should visit from Lisbon.

1. Travelling to Sintra

It is 30km northwest from the centre of Lisbon you can easily reach this place by train from Lisbon Rossio railway station. The train system is very connective, so you can easily found a train at the station. After reaching Sintra, there are many historical castles and places where you can visit, like Baron von eschwege, Palacio da Pena, Monserrate, etc.

2. Travelling to Evora

Best things to do during the Summer in Lisbon

It is a regional capital of Alentejo and filled with historic places and declare old centred of the world by UNESCO. Here you visit the museum de Evora and iconic roman temple with so many historical places.

3. Travelling to Fatima 

There is a sanctuary near Lisbon it is known as the sanctuary of Fatima. It is a sacred place and visits by thousand of a pilgrim. You can visit there for spiritual gain and know about the story of that sanctuary.

Places to Visit in Lisbon

Lisbon is a city in which you spend your whole weekend seeing many places, and you can also enjoy its nightlife, but due to less knowledge, people don’t visit many places in the city and spend lots of time searching and in their hotel room. So, there are a lot of places where you can visit in Lisbon, but you must pay your visit to some of these places.

1. Castelo de Sao Jorge

This castle is full of history and extensive & rich. It is a seat of power for over 400 years, and you can also see the breath-taking view with a lot of information in a museum located in the heart of Lisbon Alfama district.

2. Elevador de Santa Justa

Best things to do during the Summer in Lisbon

It is made in industrial age for workers to climb the steepest hill, but today this is used as a visiting place for tourists because of its artistic building, and you can also easily reach the hill without any sweat, and at night it is a good place for couples.

3. Oceanário de Lisboa

This is an aquarium in Lisbon there are many species of fish and water animal found from ray to sharks you can see aquarium from above and underground level the four aquaria of these place depicts the four ocean of the world.

Things to Do in Lisbon

1. Ride on TRAM 28

Best things to do during the Summer in Lisbon

Not like another country, the tram became a showpiece in Lisbon, but the tram is a necessity of daily life, and tram 28 is recommended because this tram connects with many historical areas of Lisbon

2. Eating Pastel de Belem

There are many delicious foods in Lisbon, but it is known for its sweet pastry pastel de Belem, and if you did not eat it then you miss Lisbon. This pastry has its owned history and attached to fabrica dos pasties who made these pastries from so many years with their secret ingredient. You can visit these café and eat them with a cup of coffee.

3. Shopping in Lisbon

You can go to the 500 oldest markets known as Feira da Ladra market, and you can buy many cheap and low artefact from here, and it is good for a bargain, and you can enjoy a lot in this market.

4. Fado Performance

You can also listen to the old traditional music of Lisbon “a fado performance”. Fado is women who sing a song for their son and husband who lost in sea exploration and want to sing for their comeback.

Why and When to visit Lisbon?

Lisbon is a city in Portugal you can visit it for your family tour. It has a unique style of housing the cute colourful tiles, tramps and most important for eating delicious food it has a good weather condition, and you can also visit many historical and cultural places which make increase your knowledge as well as your children’s knowledge. You can also understand there culture and tradition because Lisbon in Portugal is a place that is different from other European countries who change because of the visitor while Lisbon inherited old Portuguese culture with pride.

Best things to do during the Summer in Lisbon

Summer (June to August) is the best time to visit Lisbon because of 80 degrees you can add beach on your tour and spend a day on the beach or visit many beaches, and in this season you can also enjoy many festivals because June marks the start of Lisbon carnival and party season. In this month you can enjoy Festas de Lisboa, Portuguese national day, rock in Rio, Santos Populares and Arraial Lisboa pride but during this season you should book your ticket and hotel in advance because this is a high season and hotel rate climb and hotel book in advance.

Where to Stay in Lisbon

You can stay in many hotels and district in Lisbon, but the most famous district in Lisbon is the Avenida da Liberdade in this district there are many high-end shopping malls and hotel. Hotel Avenida Palace also found here. You can also take a rental room in Alfama district, and for enjoying the nightlife, Bairro alto has bestood Graca and is known for local Portuguese culture with the less touristy place.

So from places to visit from Lisbon to places visit in Lisbon, there is a lot of more, and you should do more fun there in summer plan your next summer in Lisbon and give this city a chance to make you fall for it and make a remember trip to Lisbon.

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