London is the capital of England and the United Kingdom, famous for its powerful Queens and their royal heritage. It is a blend of an old and new tradition with so much history in it and one of the most preferred places for studies, especially by Indian students. Most of the people visit London in summer due to good climatic condition. While there are a lot of places to visit in London and it is known by everyone all over the world and James bond are also belong to this country.

Due to its rich places and architecture, there are a lot of places to visit during its trip and some of the places are important ones while planning a trip is no easy task because you should pay all attention before your visit so knowing the time is also an important aspect before going to trip.

Places to visit in London

London eyes

The Iconic Ferris wheel is the best place to go during your London visit. It was built in 2000 to mark the London millennium celebration but later it becomes the best tourist spot because of its splendid view.

Kew Garden

This place is full of botanical plants and flowers and becomes a perfect place to catch rare sunshine of London. You can wander around there with your loved ones and there are many musical and cultural events also taking place throughout the year.

National Gallery of London

If you are a fan of painting and painters then you must go to National Gallery and enjoy the artistic atmosphere for a while. This museum consists of almost all incredible collection of a world-famous painter like Leonardo da Vinci, Botticelli’s, Monet and Van Gogh’s

Big Ben in London

This monument doesn’t need any description because it is the most famous monument in London. It is a large clock which also gave a time signal to the BBC. So, if you go to London but not to the Big Ben then you miss a large part of London.

Victoria and Albert Museum

It is one of the most diverse museums with containing 5000-year-old artifacts and contain natural history and science museum in it.

Roaming around these places is only better when you visit London on its best season and the best time to visit London is in the summer. While tourists visit this city throughout the year, the summer season is special for London. March to May is the month best for visiting because this month has a blossoming of gardens whereas due to the season of summer, the tourists are less. You can also visit London in mid-summer, June to August during, this time the tourist population is high and the Wimbledon championship takes place. Due to bearable temperature, you can visit this place in this month but London can be enjoyed throughout the summer.

Explore London a little

There are so many things you can do in London during the visit and most of this thing attract your attention and give you pleasant memories of London. You can visit many tourist attractions there.

If you go to London you can visit Hampstead park. The pleasant atmosphere of the park gives you relaxation while because of the highest point in London it also gave you an excellent view of the city from parliament hills. You can visit Kenwood house if you are a history buff.

Are you crazy about movies or film BFI or also known as the British film institute is for you? If you are a film fan you can visit this place and also watch mainstream blockbuster movies to the classic movie and you can also shop from its library or talk about a movie with a meal and drink at the restaurant.

If you like sightseeing from the water you can go through cruise many companies offer sightseeing from the Thames and passes several locations. You can also visit Buckingham Palace and see the changing of guards honor or for sightseeing Hyde park is one of the best places it also contains man-made lake serpentine for boating and swimming.

 London Nightlife

London also has a great nightlife and there are many places which you can visit if you are nocturnal or insomniac. Its nightlife is also full of bars, pubs, DJs etc.


It is one of the trendiest places of London and now on the hottest nightlife and coolest place to stay in London. It’s packed and is full of bars, eateries you can spend your whole day and also evening by checking out trapeze and goo place for pop culture lover.


It is long known as the London sex industry but the area is now the best nightlife instead there is still some sex shop but it gives a delightfully risqué vibe. It is also considered as a center of the LGBTQ community with plenty of gay and lesbians bars. It has also plenty of theatre, jazz bars, and restaurant but if you visit it in the morning you also find some music shops bakery and cafes here.

Places to Stay in London

But all the things can only be enjoyed in London trip when you have a pleasant stay in there. So here are the best hotels in London.

The Ritz London is a luxury hotel of London for wealthy people with a lot of amenities. There are also some other hotels like Bloomsbury and this place is good for the writer in you as it was writer club once. It is located near the British museum which you can easily visit. You can also stay at Henry Fielding Home which changed into the hotel from a fielding home. But if you visit Europe on the trip there are 10 cities you can visit and take knowledge of the 10 most popular cities in Europe on this site.

At last, if you visit with your family especially children there are some special places where they can visit and you can make their childhood trip more memorable. The first place is warner bros studio tour in there you can visit the set of harry potters and know behind the scenes also wander around the great hall and explore many places of movie it is not only a delightful treat for children but also a harry potter fan. The next place you can visit is the madame Tussauds museum where you can find wax statues of many famous stars and singers and take a selfie with their real-life copy.

So while visiting in London you can enjoy a variety of delicious food and amplify your experience by staying in many great hotels and visiting many great places in the summertime. A trip to London will give you great memories for a lifetime.

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