The most populated city in Amsterdam, the city of Rotterdam is a must-visit on your Europe trip. Rotterdam is the largest port in Europe making the city a large and bustling one. The city has the most intricately designed architecture and breathtaking views. Home to over 170 nationalities, Rotterdam is known best to have a perfect balance between its advanced standards of living and its cultural heritage. The places to visit in Rotterdam are full of mystery and artistic beauty enough to enthral people of all ages. The rich history of the place has led to the birth of some of the finest museums in Europe. Rotterdam’s weather is consistent throughout the year, but it is especially pleasant in spring and fall, making April- October the best time to visit Rotterdam.

Things to do in Rotterdam

1. Take a tour of Markthal Building

This massive building is an amazing example of city’s architecture and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Rotterdam. The building has a unique and graceful structure with a huge semicircular window giving you a complete view of the city. The building is a popular market place, ideal to pick up some souvenirs.

2. Walk along the Erasmus Bridge

This massive bridge over the Nieuwe Maas distributary of the Rhine is enough to put all other bridges in the world to shame. The giant architectural marvel is also termed as the swan bridge because of the shape its huge mast produces in the centre of the bridge. The bridge spans over a length of 802 meters making it the second largest bridge in Netherlands.

3. Catch the sunset at De Rotterdam

Yet another instance of the city’s out of the world architecture is Rotterdam’s largest sky scraper, De Rotterdam. The building is a connection of three tall structures making it looking like a giant cricket stump. To add to its glory, De Rotterdam is completely environment friendly making use of solar energy in all its offices. During the sunset the glass walls of the building reflect the orange sunlight making it one of the finest sunset points in the city.

4. Check out the Rotterdam Zoo

One of the largest and most exotic zoos in the world, the Rotterdam zoo or the Diergaarde Blijdorp as it is locally known, has stood the test of time. Despite its relocation several times during the World War II, the zoo still thrives with a wide variety of rare and endangered animals. The massive zoo is split into several sections to give the visitors a unique feeling throughout their trip. It is home to animals such as the Black Rhino, Greater Kudu, Sumatran Tiger, and the Amur Leopard.

5. Climb up the Euromast tower

The best place in Rotterdam to get a panoramic view of all the impeccable architecture in the city is the Euromast tower. The tower has an observation point, 600 feet over the ground providing enough elevation for ideal sightseeing. The tower also has zip lining facilities for people who are not satisfied with some Rotterdam sightseeing.

6. Visit the Grote of Sint- Laurenskerk

In a city full of modern and unique architecture, the Grote of Sint- Laurenskerk is one of the old timers. Built in 1449, the building has stood the test of time. One of the first stone buildings in Rotterdam, the Grote of Sint- Laurenskerk provides an amazing contrast between the modern architecture of the 21st century and the classic medieval architecture of the 15th century.

Rotterdam Nightlife

Tourism in Rotterdam flourishes not only because of its unique architecture but also because of its dazzling nightlife. Here are the best places in the city to experience the world class nightlife of Rotterdam.

1. Suicide Club

Rest assured, this is not a group for depressed individuals who want to commit suicide, instead it is one of the snazziest and most expensive clubs in the city. The cocktails in the bar are mind blowing. The best part about the club is the view it offers from its rooftop lounge.

2. Worm

A quirky yet fantastic place to experience drinks with a touch of art. Worm is offers unconventional and experimental music as you roam around the art exhibition depicting unique themes like futurism and punk. While it may not the most popular tourist spot in the city, the place is ideal for people willing to experience something unusual.

3. Hans Bode

A popular restaurant in Rotterdam, ‘Hans worst’ offers its visitors the rotdog. An ordinary hotdog but mixed with the ingredients of Netherlands popular meals, the rotdog drives many people from across the world to get a taste of this calorie filled hotdog! It makes one of the finest dining options in the city.

Best Hotels in Rotterdam

Rotterdam is home to many world class hotels leading to confusion over selection. Here is a list of the best places to stay in Rotterdam based on your needs.

1. Roommate Bruno

One of the popular hotels in Rotterdam with a groovy name is the lavish Roommate Bruno. While the hotel does not provide you a roommate named Bruno, it offers you an edgy design with trendy rooms and décor. A perfect place for young people who want to experience something groovy.

2. citizenM Rotterdam

In a city teeming with modern and unique architecture, the citizenM Rotterdam is an ideal place to stay. The contemporary look of the rooms along with stunning design sums up Rotterdam in a span of 325 square feet.

3. Hotel New York

Probably the fanciest hotel in the city, Hotel New York offers its visitors a lavish American experience for a few extra bucks. The building is old and is located at the center of the city giving you an excellent view of the architecture and the river.

There is perhaps no other place in the world where you can experience architecture of such high standards. A perfect blend of both modern and medieval architecture, Rotterdam is the ideal destination for people who want to explore the artist in them.

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